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Can a pregnant bunny rabbit stay in same hutch as the male rabbit?


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No. A male must never be in the same cage as a pregnant female. Her mood will change and he may harm the babies. She must have a cage for herself

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A buck is a male bunny/rabbit.

bugs bunny? bugs bunny?

A male rabbit is known as a Buck.

Male Rabbit?? Testicles.

A male rabbit is a buck rabbit. A female is a doe. A baby is a kitten.

I am not sure if you have worded your question correctly but I will try to answer anyway. Becarful of putting rabbits together that have not been raised together. The female put with a male rabbit will most likely get pregnant yes, however, have a hutch that can separate the male and female once the babies are born or the male will eat the male bunnies. If there is more than one female in the hutch when you put in the male the females may try and kill the male so it is best to pick one female and put with male separately from the other females. Hope that was helpful.

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

When a female rabbit is pregnant she should not be with the male at all... they need to be separated.

Then she isn't pregnant or if she is just put the male away from her

That depends up the bunny and the cats. Introductions must be made slowly over a couple of months as you want to make sure that the cats consider the rabbit a part of the family, not dinner. Allow the cats to be near the rabbit hutch where the bunny is safe. Then have a part of the day when the cats are restricted to another room and cannot get out while you let the rabbit roam freely about. Once bunny is safely back in the hutch you can let the cats back in. Keep the hutch on the floor, securely closed. Let the rabbit and cats interact this we for a couple of months before you try brief periods of time with both out together, first with you holding the rabbit and allowing the cats to approach. Hopefully what you will find is they either ignore each other as the newness has worn off or they will realize that they may enjoy playing together. I have a male bunny who is IN LOVE with my female Tabby. He follows her everywhere and runs circles around her, which is a bunny mating ritual. They can peacefully coexist if you take it slow and make sure the bunny is safe at all times.

Your male is to young to get her pregnant but the male probably thinks he is old enough.

Well, the male doesn't really do anything. The male just protects the female. It depends how close the male and female is.

No, you need two rabbits - a male and a female - for the female to get pregnant

As pregnancy is not always visible early on a good way is to put the doe ( female rabbit) in the buck (male rabbit)'s cage. If mating has already taken place she will get annoyed with him

yes, almost any male can get almost any female pregnant, in fact you cannot let a male in the same hutch as a female even just for half an hour, and a male can get a female pregnant again just after a half an hour if left in the hutch

He can start breeding at around 4 months sometimes even younger! Ans your 6 month old bunny is at breeding age now!

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

no,both species are herbivores, but if you put them in a hutch togethter then if the g-pig is male then he will try to breed with the rabbit and may kill it

A female rabbit cannot be pregnant by two males, because two sperm of a male rabbit cannot be stored in the female womb therefore one male can only pregnant a female rabbit.

A baby rabbit is called a bunny. Added: Bunny is another term for Rabbit. Young rabbits are called Kits. Females are called Does. Males are called Bucks.

A baby rabbit is called: a kit, a kitten or a bunny The adult female is a DOE The adult male is called a BUCK

Yes, you should remove the male rabbit as soon as you find out your rabbit is prenant. As she may get pregnant whilst nurising her newly born. And the buck shall have know input in the nursing and caring of the litter, as he may eat them.

6 to 7 months old but some as early as 5 months

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