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No, a primary key do not refers to the whole table .A primary key refers to a field in the table that is not null and unique.

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Q: Can a primary key refer to a whole table?
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What is the primary key for the properties table?

Primary key is to set property ID as the primary key for the properties table.

How do you define a primary key in MS Access?

A primary key is a field or set of fields with values that are unique throughout a table. Values of the key can be used to refer to entire records, because each record has a different value for the key.

What does the term foreign key mean in databases?

The foreign key is used as a reference in a table to the primary key of another table. For example: consider a table employee with id(primary key), name, address,department_id(foreign key) as its fields.Another table department with fields department_id(primary key) and dept_name. So, department_id is primary key in department table and foreign key in employee table.

Why must the primary key of a parent table be determined before the foreign key in the child table?

Because the foreign key is copied from the primary key of the parent table

Is it necessarily that a foreign key is primary key in other table?

It is not mandatory that is must be a primary key but it must be a unique key in the other table.

How a primary key is fixed in a sql table?

A primary key field in a sql table is created using the PRIMARY KEY keyword. ex: CREATE TABLE tbl_employee ( emp_num VARCHAR(10), emp_name VARCHAR(100), PRIMARY KEY (emp_num)) The above script creates a table called tbl_employee and sets the emp_num field as the primary key

Can a column in a composite key be a foreign key to another table?

Hi, As per I know you can't define a foreign key column which is a part of a composite primary key of another table. Only way you've to refer all the columns of that composite key. UKD

Can super key be as primary key?

I think super key is treated as the primary key because in a table their will be only one primary key.

What is primery key?

primary key is a column or set of columns (called composite primary key ) that identify the table & make every table unique .value of a primary key can not duplicated & can not be NULL .

How do you create a primay key in Oracle?

You can create a primary key column in an oracle table using the PRIMARY KEY keyword. Assuming you have an employee table that has employee information and has a column called emp_num. you can create a primary key in the table using the below command. ALTER TABLE tbl_employee_info add CONSTRAINT emp_pk PRIMARY KEY (emp_num) If you execute the above command in your database, emp_num will become the primary key of the table tbl_employee_info.

What is a primary key what is its purpose and why do you use it?

A primary key is a unique identifier for each record in a database table. Its purpose is to ensure the uniqueness and integrity of the data within the table. It is used to uniquely identify each row, which allows for efficient data retrieval and modification, as well as establishing relationships between tables through foreign keys.

foreign key?

when a primary key from one table is stored as an attribute of another table