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Can a queen bee sting a human?

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Yes, a queen bee can sting.

A worker bee has a barbed sting so can only sting once because the sting and venom sac is left in the victim when the bee pulls away. The queen has a smooth sting which she can withdraw, so she can potentially sting several times.

However, under normal circumstances you are unlikely to be stung by a queen. Soon after a new queen hatches, she goes on a mating flight where she will climb well above head height followed by the drones (male bees). After mating she returns to the hive and will not leave it again unless the colony decides to swarm to find a new home.

Within a swarm the queen would be closely guarded by the worker bees. She would not be flying free and able to sting anyone.

By the way, drones don't have a sting.

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Is a queen bee poisonus and why?

No. A honey bee queen can only sting other bees - not people.

Does a queen bee sting workers?

No, the queen won't sting workers. The only thing a queen will directly attack is another queen.

Can a queen bee sting a person?

A honeybee queen cannot sting a person, only other queens.

How many times can a queen bee sting?

There is not a limit to the amount of times the queen bee can sting. Unlike other bees her stinger is not barbed and can be used repeatedly.

Can a queen bee sting you without dying?


Can a queen bee kill you?

Unlikely. It is almost unheard of for a queen bee to sting a person. In any case, its venom is no different from that of a worker bee.

Which bee stings a girl bee or boy bee?

Bees come in 3 versions: Queen (female bee, only one per hive) - can sting many times. Worker - can sting once (the sting is barbed and comes away in the target - bee dies). Drone (male bee) - has no sting.

Does a queen bee sting?

The queen bee has a smooth sting. It is curved and she will use it primarily to kill any developing queens in the hive. Once the queen returns from her mating flight about a week after emerging from the brood cell she will only leave the hive again with a swarm to find a new home. Cases of a queen bee stinging a human are extremely rare; even with beekeepers who are the most likely people to be exposed to the queen.

Can male bee sing?

No, male bees (drones) do not have a sting. Worker bees (all female) have a barbed sting which is left behind when the bee stings. The bee will then die. The queen bee has a smooth sting which she can withdraw, so she is able to sting more than once.

Who would a queen bee sting?

A queen bee can sting, but she reserves her sting for other queens. As she generally never leaves the hive, the only persons who could be stung by a queen would be the beekeepers, but in all the years I have been beekeeping I have never heard of anyone being stung by a queen.

When a queen bee stings you do you die?

no. it will die. the sting on you will throb

What is a bee sting?

A bee sting is a hypodermic puncture from a bee, resulting in the introduction of venom to the human body, often through the penetration and lodging of a stinger.

What does a queen bee sting does?

queen bees rarely sting, unless their hive is nowhere to help her. because if she does sting, the lower half of her body with fall off & she'll die, thus her hive will have no queen.

Can a bee sting a bee?

Yes. A newly-emerged queen will look for and sting through any other queen cells to kill the developing queen inside, and guard bees at the hive entrance will sting any bees trying to attack the hive in the hope of robbing the honey inside.

How deep does a Bee sting penetrate?

The depth of a bee sting penetration depends on the bee. Some bee stings are shallow, and the bee is able to pull out its singer and sting again. In other cases, the stinger becomes embedded in the human flesh and needs to be pulled out.

Do queen ant bites hurt as bad as a bee?

yes it hurts worse than a bee sting

Do drone bees sting?

No they do not as they do not have a stinger. Only the females can sting (including the queen bee).

Will a bee sting a dog?

The bee might sting, but it will only sting if provoked.

Is a bee sting acid or base?

a bee sting is acid a wasp sting is base

Bee sting acid or alkali?

bee sting is acidic

Is a bee sting acid?

yes a bee sting is acid

What does a bee sting contain?

A Bee sting contains a acid

What are some good bee jokes?

A good bee joke is, who is the bees favorite singer, Sting. Another one is How does a queen bee get around her hive, she is throne.

Do worker bees sting?

yes, worker bees sting, many people think that they don't but the queen bee does but they are the same type of bees

Would tooth paste cure a bee sting?

toothpaste would not cure a bee sting it has no cemicals in to cure a bee sting