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Can a rectangle and a square tessellate?

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yes of course they can. the both have straigt edges and the angles of their corners are the same.

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Is a rectangle tessellate?

Yes a rectangle will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps.

Does a a rectangle tessellate with a right rectangle?

All 4 sided quadrilaterals will tessellate

Can a rectangle be tessellate?


Can a rectangle tessellate?


Does a rectangle tessellate?


Can a square and a pentagon tessellate?

A square can tessellate but a regular pentagon can't tessellate

Will a square and a circle tessellate?

A square will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps but a circle does not tessellate.

Will a regular pentagon and rectangle tessellate?


Will a square and circle tessellate together?

No but a square will tessellate on its own.

Will any quadrilateral tesselate?

A square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium, kite and arrowhead will tessellate. Other quadrilaterals will not.

Is a rectangle a regular tesselate?

Yes a rectangle will tessellate with no gaps or overlaps

Can the octagon tessellate?

No, but an octagon and a square can tessellate.

Will A rectangle tessalate?

Yes, rectangles will tessellate.

Can a rectangle be tessellated?

Improved Answer:-Yes it canYes, a rectangle will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps

Can you tile a surface with a rectangle?

Yes because it will tessellate

Why does a right triangle tessellate?

Simply because if you join two of the same size (with one rotated by 180 degrees) along their longest side, they will form either a square or a rectangle. Both of those shapes tessellate

Is a rectangle a tessellate?

The rectangle is the simplest and most obvious case of a geometrical form that can tile a plane.

Can a semicircle tessellate with other shapes?

Yes. Any shape can tessellate if you allow other shapes. The simplest way is to select the other shapes so that the given shape and the "other shapes" can be combined to make a rectangle or square.

Does a square tessellate?


Will a square tessellate?

Yes, it will.

Why is a square a rectangle but a rectangle not a square?

A square is a regular rectangle which is why a rectangle isn't a square.

Is a square a rectangle or is a rectangle a square?

A square is always a rectangle. A rectangle can sometimes be a square

Is a rectangle a square when a square not a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle even through a rectangle is not always a square.

Would a square tesalate?

Yes a square will tessellate

Is a rectangle the same as a square?

No. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.