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Can a scorpion accidentally kill itself?

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Scorpions cannot accidentally kill themselves. Their venom has no effect on the scorpion or any other scorpion of the same family.

The belief that scorpions sting themselves to death to commit suicide when confronted by fire, or other life threatening situations is a myth and completely false. The misconception may have been founded from the way in which scorpions react to intense heat. As scorpions are cold blooded animals (poikilotherms), when they are exposed to intense heat, their metabolic process malfunction, causing the scorpion to spasm wildly. This can appear as if the scorpion is stinging itself.

It is also untrue that alcohol will cause scorpions to sting themselves to death.

Excellent!, only one little thing, A scorpion can kill another scorpion from the same species or family. A scorpion is immune to its own venom ONLY.


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the bark scorpion has poison to defend itself,to kill its prey ,and because its its nature

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Yes, the alcohol stings the scorpion, forcing it to kill itself by stinging itself.

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Probably, scorpion spray is just a poison. Here's a ubi: a scorpion will sting itself to death if a drop of alcohol is placed on its back,

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Yes!No as they are immune to their own venom if its the meaning of your question..-J

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Yes you can because it can't see. So if you spray perfume on a scorpion it will think there are a lot of enemies on it and sting itself to death.

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