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No. A silverback gorilla could not kill any type of bear.

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Q: Can a silverback gorilla kill a kodiak bear?
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What animals could kill a lion?

Rhino, Elephant, Hippopotamus, large silverback gorilla, grizzly bear, polar bear, kodiak bear, bull, and crocodile can kill a lion.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a porcupine?

Yes, but the silverback gorilla is not a predator.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a komodo dragon?

Yes, a silverback gorilla could kill a komodo dragon.

Can a silver back gorilla kill a Kodiak bear?

They Live In Different Places. Kodiak Bears Live In Alaska. And Like The Name, They Live Mainly In Kodiak. The Gorilla However Lives In Africa, Mostly In Congo. But If They Met. I Would Bet My Money On The Bear, If It Avoids The Gorilla's Attacks. But If The Gorilla Would Be Able To Attack And Seriously Injure The Bear. Then, The Gorilla. If They Met, It Really Depends. I Like Gorillas Better Than Bears. But, If They Met, Yeah, A Gorilla Would Kill A Bear If The Gorilla Was Skillful.

What animal can kill a kodiak bear?

No animal can kill a kodiak bear except a human with a good hunting rifle.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a hyena?

Leopards have been known to kill adult gorillas from time to time.Answer 2:Gorillas can kill leopards if they grabbed it, but leopards have been known to kill adult gorillas.

What could kill an African lion?

A grizzly bear, a crocodile, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a hippo, a large enough gorilla, a bull, a polar bear, a kodiak bear, a poacher armed with a gun or a knife, and a hippo.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a tiger?

Yes, because gorillas are strong enough to break a tiger's jaws.

Who will win in a fight between a cane corso and a silverback gorilla?

Seriously, silver-back gorillas will fight and kill any animals that comes to disturb them. A silverback gorilla will get angry and fight if the cane corso came to attack with anger. The silver-back gorilla, which is much smarter and much larger, has super tough skin to protect itself from the cane corso's bite. In addition, if a silverback gorilla can kill wild dogs, it has no problem with the cane corso.

Can a kodiak bear kill a moose?

Yes, if the kodiak bear avoided the moose's hooves and antlers (if it is a bull moose). Even a grizzly bear or an alaskan brown bear could kill a bull moose, but not when it is on the rut.

Can an Amur tiger kill a Kodiak bear?

Yes. An amur tiger has enough strength to take down a big kodiak bear.

Can a silverback beat a grizzly bear?

Silverback gorilla vs grizzly bear. Thats not a hard question.Grizzly is to big, it has thick fur, and is very powerful,with a nice hard swipe, the grizzly could kill it.It has claws, deadly teeth, a strong crushing force, and kills other animals.The only thing the gorilla has is super strength.The bear is also faster, and has quick reflexes.