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No. The contingency that triggers payment of a life insurance is the death of the named insured. That person could have changed the beneficiary designation prior to his/her death. Even if the policy had given the power to change the beneficiary to another person, the change would have had to be exercised before the named insured dies.

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Q: Can a spouse change their deceased spouses designated beneficiary on a life insurance policy?
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Can a spouse change there deceased spouses beneficiary name on a life insurance policy?

The owner of the policy can change the beneficiary of the policy. If the original beneficiary has died before the insured, the owner of the policy can designate a new beneficiary at any time.

Spouses right if removed from life insurance as beneficiary?

Generally, the owner of the policy has the right to choose their beneficiary.

When there is Life insurance on a spouse that has an ex-wife and minor child and spouse that dies is behind in child support can ex-wife take life insurance benefits that are the current spouses?

No, if she was the named beneficiary the benefits belongs to her, and she has no legal responsibility for the deceased's children.

Can you file bankruptcy on your deceased spouses debts?


What if the wrong person is named as beneficiary on life insurance?

Whoever is named as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy will get the money. Contact whoever is in charge of your life insurance and get it changed as soon as possible. If you are married, it normally goes to your spouse, and in some states, you need your spouses permission to name somebody else as your beneficiary. Step 1 - contact your life insurance provider. Step 2 - contact a lawyer. Answer2: First, who says it's the wrong person? Who took out the policy and who decided on who the beneficiary should be? Who is paying the premium on the insurance policy. The insurance agency who wrote the policy should be the first point of contact.

Are spouses responsible for a deceased husbands bank loan with several co-signers?

Are spouses responsible for a deceased husbands commercial bank loan with several co-signers?

In the state of Georgia if a spouse receives life insurance benefits is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse debt if surviving spouse's name is not on any of the debt owed?

In Georgia, as in most states, life insurance proceeds to a named beneficiary become the property of the beneficiary and are therefore not accessible to the creditors of the decedent. Of course, this does not apply to joint debt between the spouses or any debt solely in the name of the surviving spouse. In short, if the surviving spouse's name is not on the debt of the decedent, the surviving spouse has no legal obligation to pay such debt.

Is the surving spouse liable for spouses medical bills in NJ?

Not individually, but the deceased's estate may well be subject to being charged for the expenses not covered by any existing insurance.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouses child support debt if they are deceased?


Is it okay after remarriage to put flowers on deceased spouses grave?

Sure, why not?

Is a surviving spouse and sole beneficiary responsible in Manitoba for the Credit card debt of the deceased?

Unless both spouses signed the credit card agreement, the answer is no. The debt can only be charged against the property of the deceased, but must be fully paid (or paid as much as it can be in the case of an insolvent estate) before anything can be paid to the spouse.

Can the surviving spouse's wages be garnished for the deceased spouses medical bills?

No - the surviving spouse is not liable for the deceased person's bills !

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