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no it cant.

i have an Army SA80 and tried it

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Q: Can a star hk ag sa80 underslung grenade launcher for airsoft l85a2 fit on a army armament l85a1 airsoft gun?
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What hapens when an airsoft grenade explodes?

An airsoft grenade does not explode, it launcher BB's out of the launcher powered by gas.

Are airsoft grenade launcher shells reusable?

Simply refill them, yes.

What fps is the grenade launcher on the m4 3181 aeg electric airsoft rifle m203 spring grenade launcher?

It's about 350. Has very good range.

What type of grenade launcher is on the m4 3181 aeg electric airsoft rifle m203 spring grenade launcher two stocks fps-300 extra magazine from

its not a grenade it just looks like a grenade launcher. it just shoots one bullet at a time

How do you get the undersling grenade launcher in battlefield 3?

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I'm sure that the underslung always comes with what ever weapon has one. As for the grenade launcher you simply must rank up your assault class to unlock it, then replace your medic bad with it. Then to have it equipt directly to the assault rile you also must have to underslung rail equipped to the gun. Hope that helps

Can the airsoft 6 shot grenade launcher fire 6 dilfferent shells?


Is the M16A1 rifle with underslung 39mm smoothbore grenade launcher the best gun?

Well, it is a 40 mm grenade launcher if you mean the real rifle and the M203 launcher- but there is NO ONE BEST. The M16 is a good rifle- but it will not be a 1000 meter rifle. And it may not be the rifle of choice in close quarters, or where greater penetration is needed.

How do you get the nube tuber title in modern warfare 2?

when you unlock the humiliation catagoritory in finishers its the ouch achevement its a direct impact kill with the underslung grenade launcher

Is it possible to fire a smoke grenade out of an airsoft ics glm airsoft grenade launcher?

If the smoke grenade operates on impact, then yes. However, it is a bad tactical idea, because if you have the desire to use a smoke grenade, then you are in the situation where you have enough time to pull one out.

What is the thing that goes in a airsoft grenade launcher called?

The cartridge is called a grenades, usually 40mm or 32mm.

What does AEG means in Airsoft guns?

The 'M4 3181 AEG FPS-300 Electric Airsoft Rifle, M203 Spring Grenade Launcher' is a HOT airsoft rifle. Not only does it offer a high power electric machine gun that shoots full or semi auto, it also has a grenade launcher. It is priced around $90, not bad for a rifle and grenade launcher.

Can an airsoft grenade launcher fit on a jg g36c?

Technically, the ICS M203 Airsoft RIS Grenade Launcher will fit on the RIS rail below the barrel of the JG G36c. But it will not be a great fit. The RIS rail and barrel are very short and the launcher is long for this gun. Also, the launcher will get in the way when installing/removing the battery unless removed first. You can do it, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.