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Stress can give you an attack of migraine. You can have aura in the form of black out in some individuals and probably at times, in some individuals.

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Q: Can a stress headache cause you to black out?
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What is the most common cause of a headache?


What can cause headache in your forehead?

A headache in your forehead can be a migraine headache, a headache caused by stress tension or a sinus headache. There are many causes, more commonly the ones mentioned.

Can a new tooth growing in cause a headache?

Yes. Anything that causes pain increases the level of stress your body suffers. Stress can effect the body in many ways and a headache is not an uncommon symptom of stress.

Name something that can cause a headache?

stress--kids--bright light--drinking--loud noise

What are the causes of a migrane headache?

There are a range of things that can potentially cause a migraine headache. Sometimes they are caused by high stress levels while other times they may be cause by bad food or by skipping meals.

How do stress headaches feel?

Diagnosing headache disorders is done by doctors who use a tool called the ICHD-II (International Classification of Headache Disorders). In this tool are all the possible headache diagnoses.There is no such diagnosis in the ICHD-II of stress headache. While stress may be a trigger, or it may exacerbate a headache disorder or condition, it is not considered to be the direct cause of any diagnosable headache.For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and management of headache disorders and Migraine, please seek the help of a board certified headache and Migraine specialist.

What might cause a headache on half of the forehead?

Headaches can be caused by tension, stress, or a sinus infection. Other causes for a headache on the forehead are migraines, or high blood pressure.

What are the explanations that headache is one of the symptoms of hypertension?

Your brain is the central part of your nervous system. Any stress, physical or mental, can cause a mixup of chemicals causing a headache.

How can you stress in a sentence?

Stress gives me a headache. You stress the second syllable on de -CATH -a- lon .

How to get rid of Headaches?

Headache is the first symptom of stress. De-stress yourself.

Is blood pressure the cause of continuous headache?

A high blood pressure can cause a headache, but there are many other things that can cause headache.

Can too thin of blood cause headache?

Can thin blood cause headache

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