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tamagotchi v4 can connect v4 and v4.5

tamagotchi v5 can connect v5 and v4.5

and tamagotchi v5 can NOT connect v6

sorry but with v4.5 u can do a lot of stuff! and theres your answer!


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Yes, but niether of them can connect to a v4.5 or a v3.

Sadly, no. But V5 can connect with V6 (music star.)

If you have a V5 then you have to go to the heart icon and press others you do the same thing with the V6 or Music Star Hope this helped!!!!:)

As far as I know, you CAN'T connect a V4.5 Tamagotchi with a V5 Tamagotchi. That is because of the number of Tamagotchi's displayed- Since the V5 usually has 3 Tamas displayed, and all the Versions before the V5 have only one tamagotchi displayed, the cannot connect. BUT, a V5 can connect with a V5, V5.5 and a V6! The V4 can connect with all the previous versions, including the V4.5. Hope I helped! BTW (by the way) I'm sorry but there is no 5.5, and v6 can only connect with V. 5 heh........ don't you just press 'others' when u connect

No, there is absolutely NO way for V5 to connect to any other version but to a V5.

dont think so. it can only connect to the v5. but u might need to double check that. just try it out and if it doesnt work, you know your answer! THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY THAT IT CAN ONLY RECENTLY CONNECT TO v5 ONLY.

You can't connect it to previous versions (4.5 and below) You can how ever, connect it to another v5, a v.5 or a music star (v6) To connect with a v5/v.5 press A 5 times, then B, then select "V5" on both tamagotchis and then select game and press B. They must be at least 10 Cms apart. To connect to a V6, you press A 5 times on the V5 and A 8 times on a music star, on the V5, select V5, then game and on music star, press other, then press B on the V5. I hope this helped!^^

A Tamagotchi can be any age to connect.

the tamagotchi music star is better ive got 1 myself

v5 is familitchi sorry, look in the stats screen

Unfortunately, no. Each tamagotchi version can only connect with one of its own, so a V5 can only connect to a V5, and a V4 can only connect to another V4.

If you mean v5.5 and v5 then yes, go to the conncection icon, select OTHERS on music star and V5 on Version 5/.5 then game on version 5/.5 then B on v5/.5 I hope I helped

Unfortunatley , v5 can only connect with v5s, sorry \(^o^)/

no. v5 is only with v5. sorry buddy. --mewMew

go and select the fifth option.there's a way to connect with a v5 or another v6 there.but it can't connect with v4.5 and lower versions.

connect v5 with v5, or v5 with v6. then go to your list/ book, and you'll see your friends.

Yes and No, they can connect IF the v5 does not have 2-3 characters. Otherwise, you could try for a million years and still not get them to connect. But, as I said, if the v5 has 1 tama you can connect.

on google type in tamagotchi v5 cheats and then on that says familitchi : tamagotchi v5 cheats

I'm very sorry, but you can't connect them. A tamagotchi can only connect with another of its version.

Tamagotchi v6 can't connect to anything except it's own kind .IMPROVED ANSWER:Correction, it can to V5. As I am told.

there is a red thing on the top of a tamagotchi. Pretend this -->) is your red thing on top of your tamagotchi, and pretend that this -->( is my red thing. you would connect like this: )( You can usually only connect with a one version higher or lower than you. Except for tamagothi v4, the tamagotchi higher than that (v5) you can't connect with because v5 has more than one family members.

You see where it says, Click Here To Enter Music City? In the top left corner there is a button that says, Click to enter with your v5 toy. Click that.

there is ocean, angel,devil,v1,plain tamagotchi, v2,v3,v4,v4.5,v5,v6/music star. that is what i know so far

Ok. Press the first button (A) five times. Now press the second button (B) once. Select V5 and connect with another v5 tamagotchi. NOTE: You can only connect with V5 tamagotchis. None of the future ones or previous ones. Here's a glitch, if you want a rare tama, connect with a tamagotchi from a different country (If your from Australia, connect with ones from Japan, Europe or north america. A sun tamagotchi (Sunnychi) should come up on the screen i think.

you can not sale stuff on tamagotchi v5 it is not possible

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