Can a tornado be blown up?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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A large enough explosion probably would disrupt a tornado, so yes. However, no real scientist has ever put serious though toward this problem, as any bomb powerful enough to stop a tornado would cause more damage than the tornado itself.

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Q: Can a tornado be blown up?
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Where do people go when they get sucked up by a tornado?

you practically don't go anywhere you just get blown away

Does the wind blow down or up?

The wind can blow in any direction.

what- The tornado uprooted trees and roofs of houses were blown away?

of houses

Could a tornado derail a ranchslider?

If you are referring to the type of sliding door, yes, easily, although it is more likely that the glass will be blown out. A strong enough tornado can blown a a well-anchored house off its foundation.

What happens if there is a super tornado?

If by a super tornado you mean an EF4 or EF5 buildings will be completely destroyed, some completely blown away.

What effect does a tornado have when crossing a pond?

In short, water can get sucked or blown out of the pond.

Is the moon blown up?

that moon is blown up

Can you land on your feet after the tornado has blown out?

It is possible but highly unlikely. First of all, if a tornado strikes, you are not likely to be picked up. Most people killed in tornadoes are hit by debris, not blown away. People who are picked up enter into very turbulent air that will likely send them tumbling. On another note, if you fall from a significant distance, you should not try to land on your feet, as this can cause very serious injury to your feet and legs.

Why do you need to blow out candles in a tornado?

The candles could be knowck over. If they are not blown out, this could start a fire.

What are some impacts when a tornado hits?

Limbs fallen, houses blown over, cars crushed...etc.

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence the tornado uprooted trees and roof of houses were blown away?

"of houses"

What are the odds of being sucked up in a tornado?

depends on the strength of it. if your sheltered, you should be fine. but if your outside during a tornado it's possible. **The odds are good if you are caught without cover underground in a F3 tornado. You do not actually get sucked up but blown away in the strong wind. Reports say that the actual danger does not come from being carried away by the winds but having being hit by large flying stuff picked up also.