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No. Tornadoes descend from the base of thunderstorms, usually associated with very tall thunderstorms. The tornado begins in the lower portions of the storm. Furthermore, if the vortex does not touch the ground, it is not considered a tornado.

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Q: Can a tornado form above the clouds pointing up?
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Does there need to be clouds to have a tornado?

Yes. A tornado can't form without a thunderstorm.

Can cumuolnibus clouds form a tornado?

Yes. In fact nearly all tornadoes form from cumulonimbus clouds.

What type of clouds does a tornado form in?

Tornadoes are a product of severe thunderstorms, which take the form of cumulonimbus clouds.

What two clouds are in a tornado?

Tornadoes are most closely associated with wall clouds and funnel clouds, both of which form from cumulonimbus clouds.

Is their clouds before a tornado?

Yes. Tornadoes form from strong thunderstorm which, of course, bring clouds.

Do nimbus clouds produce tornado?

Tornadoes form in cumulonimbus clouds, which can be considered a variety of nimbus.

Can A Tornado Happen With No Clouds?

No, it can not happen. You will always need a cloud to form a tornado. The kind of cloud that a tornado uses is a cumulonimbus cloud.

Why do clouds form above chimneys?

clouds form above chimneys as the warm air mixes with the cool air

Does a Hole in the Clouds mean a tornado will form?

Not necessarily. A hole in the clouds in a strong thunderstorm could indicate a downdraft that can help produce a tornado or it could simply mean you're at the edge of the storm. Even if it is the former scenario, there is no guarantee a tornado will form.

Classification of clouds above 20000 feet?

cirrus clouds are clouds that form above 18,000 feet in the air.

Can clouds form in night?

yes clouds can form at night as long as the temperatures are above freezing.

What clouds form above 6000 meters cirrus or stratus?

cirrus clouds are above 6000 meters and are the highest of all clouds