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It depends on how much of a naturalist the vegitarian is. If they are seriously induced in their beliefs, then no... the violent nature of an animal being in the name of the food would make it very unvegetarianistic. That, or the deep thought that would go into answering this question would end up killing whoever thought about it to hard. Actually the gummy bears and/or animal crackers must be made of a combination of fruits and vegetables or else the person will explode. ---------------------- They could eat animal crackers, so long as the chocolate on them did not contain WHEY. Gummy bears no, as they contain Gelatin.

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Q: Can a vegitarian eat animal crackers or gummy bears?
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Can a vegitarian eat gummy bears or animal crackers?

A definite answer to this question is impossible to give, for it relies on how vegitarianistic the vegitarian is, and how firm of believer he/ she is. If they are lienient, then the food is permitted, but if they are a true believer, the animals name in the product would make that act unvegitarian like.

Are gummy bears made with petroleum?

No, gummy bears are made with gelatin which is made from ground animal bones.

What animal poos gummy bears?

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Do gummy bears have pork in them?

no but they do contain gelatin which is an animal product.

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No. There will just be sweet gooey stuff from the gummy bears.

Are gummy bears made of bone marrow?

Some gummy bears are not made of bone marrow, they are made of sugar and other ingredients. The normal gummy bears are yes made of animal bone marrow and high doses of sugar.

Which animal gelatin is used in gummy bears?

Horse gelatin is used in gummy bears... whenever you see horses at a sale in the slaughter pen, you know where they're going. :(

Are gummy bears squishy?

Yes gummy bears are squish-able.

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about 25 gummy bears.

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Gummy Bears are mixtures.

Do gummy bears expire?

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