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Yes. The mother should take it off for the child's sake. She should sacrifice little things like that if she really wanna breast feed her baby. And please do.

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No, nipples can be large without ever having a baby. In fact, the nipple size of a woman is not impacted by whether or not she has given birth.

Not every woman can breast feed.

If a woman plans to breastfeed an infant, it is important that she is first tested for diseases that may affect the quality of her breast milk. A woman with HPV should talk with her doctor before breastfeeding.

yes it is possible I had mine done for a few years before I had my son and breastfed him just male sure u take em out while doing it

This varies greatly from woman to woman, but if the incision was made through the nipples, sensitivity does tend to decrease.

Believe it or not, yes.

the pervs of the world find woman nipples sexual but not men.

I just know that the nipples of a woman are really sensitive to a touch, a feel and when it's suck it sends a message right to the vargina.

There is no information on who has the largest nipples. The woman with the largest natural breasts is Annie Hawkins-Turner.

Yes, the same process that can cause a woman who has never breastfed to start producing milk can be used on a woman who has breastfed, Physical stimulation (Pumping/sucking) or hormonal via drugs/herbs can return milk production.

TWEAK UM! When a woman is aroused her nipples harden. OR you could always turn down the heat cold nipples=hard nipples

A women can breastfeed anything.

yes its causes swelling and tenderness but its nothing to fear lay on your back for a few hours and it should go away

It is a name for a long leged woman with no nipples

That there is an alien growing inside of your boob

Generally while woman are breastfeeding they do not have periods.

No reason she shouldn't. Partners routinely pay attention to womens' breasts. If a woman is lactating and her partner enjoys the milk, go ahead.

Unless she had a baby there is medication that can do that. Some women who adopt take it so they can breastfeed. Ask your doctor.

To a baby? ... No. I would find it awkward for a woman or child sucking my nipple. K-T

According to Guinness, the most pierced woman is Elaine Davidson of Edinburgh, Scotland. By August 9, 2001, she had a total of 720 piercings. There are at least 192 piercings on her facial area alone.

Her vagina gets wet and her nipples stiffen.

its best to touch her breast, nipples and vagina, butt to

Of course they can. Women survive everyday without even breasts.

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