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Can aching teeth be a sign of being pregnant?


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Yes. I read somewhere that your body acts differently to the plaque on your teeth when your pregnant, so they can ache more. But maybe you just need to see a dentist.

or u have some teeth that u dont take care/??

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NORMALLY being on your period is a sign of not being pregnant.

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No. Go and see the dentist about that

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The sign has to be positive or + If you are unsure, or worried about being pregnant, please speak to a doctor or a nurse. I wish you every happiness :)

Yes, as well as a sign that your period is coming soon but yes, it is a sign of pregnancy.

If you are spotting while pregnant, go see a doctor. Could be a bad sign

No. It is a sign that you ate something that was contaminated. lol. Did you really just ask that???

Not exactly an answer, but I'm suspecting it is a sign, as I suspect I'm pregnant and have been having a burning sensation in the uterus too.

It can be, however, that does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. It would be better to take a pregnancy test.

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Having had menses is surely an important sign of being not pregnant, whereas hurting of breasts is a sign seen when a person has been pregnant for atleast 2-3 months

It is possible, but just as possible of a sign as not being pregnant. So basically, don't think you are defiantely pregnant.

No, not really. Periods can be as short as 2-3 days. If you had a period most likely you aren't pregnant. The first sign of being pregnant is no period.

I don't know if it is a definite sign, but I have been feeling the same thing and I have a feeling I could very well be pregnant. When searching for this symptom, I have come across several message boards where women ask about being nauseous while brushing their teeth during pregnancy. So I think we may be onto something here. :)

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