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That one is hard to answer, though I have some rich friends who have told me that they somehow carry large amounts of money even to other countries. There is a magnetic strip in bills, and bill use magnetic ink, so it is theoretically possible. But if the government had a way, it is doubtful if they would let us know. Being an electrical engineer, I have little doubt that I could design one, so it is highly likely that ways exist. The question is, do they use them and where? Their real concern is taking money out of the country, such as drug money, but I have never read anything about people or airport security finding money using some fancy technology. Anyway, the scanners that they use for luggage are pretty good, and unless someone is very clever they can actually see it. Technically, you can take any amount of money anyplace as long as you declare it. But in actuality, you better have a pretty good story, or it will be seized, and you will be required to fight to get it back in court, and could go to jail. The government will assume it is illegally gained money, such as drug money, and contrary to popular belief, you are guilty until proven innocent. You will also be fighting a prosecutor, who will be trying to further his career, which means he will lie and exaggerate to win.

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Can metal detectors detect money?

Basically No. But the detector have a camera then yes.

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Can X-ray machines detect money?

X-ray machines can detect the shape of money and with the metal strip in most higher denominations it would be very easy to identify

Why Do You Need a Bank?

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Can you carry paper money through airport security in your pocket?

Yes you can, so long as you declare large amounts, most countries have laws regarding total amount of cash you can carry through it's borders.

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Airport in Japen

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How much money is spent on airport security a year?


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the @#$%^ *&&

Reparations are amounts of money paid for war damages?


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