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Yes, alcohol can harm an unborn baby.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-24 12:12:41
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Q: Can alcohol harm an unborn baby?
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Can alcohol harm your unborn baby?

I'm not sure if you should be having a baby if you need to ask this question. Of course alcohol can harm an unborn baby. What you eat and drink is what the baby eats and drinks. There is a plethora of information on the Internet through a simple Google search. But I advise you or anyone else asking this question legitimately to see a doctor and ask him what can harm an unborn baby. Alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs and even some medications can harm an unborn baby very easily. The results can be disastrous from miscarriages to birth deformations, etc.

Does an aggressive cough harm your unborn baby?

no it will not harm your baby

Can eating 2 3 lemons at every meal harm an unborn baby?

No. It will not harm the unborn baby.

Will baking soda harm an unborn baby?

Baking soda, used in usual quantity, can do no harm to unborn baby.

Can eno antacid harm your unborn baby?

Yes. It is safe to your unborn baby.

Can eating cornstarch harm the unborn baby?

Yes, eating massive amounts of pure cornstarch can harm an unborn baby. However, eating small amounts as part of a recipe will not harm an unborn baby.

Can scabies harm an unborn baby?

No. It will not harm the unborn baby. But is very much troublesome for you. Please go to the dermatologist and get it cured.

Can smoking harm an unborn baby?

Yes it can harm an unborn baby causing a lot lower baby mass and/or could cause the child to develop or have asthma.

If you swallow sperm will it harm an unborn baby?


Does drinking soda harm unborn baby?


Can pepper spray harm your unborn baby?

No it can not.

Can reaching above your head can harm the unborn child?

No. This does not harm the baby.

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