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All airsoft guns can shoot .12g bbs. However with more powerful guns, heavier bbs are recommended for better accuracy

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Yes, any airsoft gun can shoot any weight of BBs, depending on how good the gun is, the heavier the BB. Handgun-20G Assault Rifle/Shotgun-.2G-.3G Sniper-.3G<_.

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Q: Can all airsoft guns shoot 0.12g bbs?
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Is it legal to own and shoot a airsoft gun if your mom has daycare in California?

Yes. All laws state that only REAL guns are not allowed in daycare in California. No regulations are found for airsoft guns. There is only a limit of maximum of 400 fps.

What kind of bbs does a Crosman stinger airsoft gun hold?

All airsoft guns usually use 6mm BBs, usually made of plastic, and come in a variety of different weights (.12 grams, .20 grams, .25 grams, .28 grams). Normally .12 gram BBs are the cheapest, and are good for most airsoft guns, although airsoft guns that shoot at higher velocities should use .20 or .25 gram BBs, as they will shoot straighter.

Is airsoft fun?

Yes! Also, many airsoft guns are modelled to look like historical firearms, so historical re-enacting is big with airsoft.

Where can you get airsoft guns in Canada?

JC Surveillance will ship all Airsoft Guns to Canada. Also Chigun Hobbies.

Is it illegal to have CO2 airsoft guns in airsoft teams?

Most all teams allows virtually all types of guns. The question is what fields are the CO2 guns allowed.

Are all co2 airsoft guns metal?


Do airsoft guns shoot?

Hmmm. Interesting question. A bb is propelled by an air piston - cylinder design out of the barrel of an airsoft rifle. Due to the sound of the mechanism, it does sound like the gun "shoots", however, there is no explosive or gunpowder involved in the process. It all depends on how you interpret "shoot".

What types of airsoft guns are there? is the place where I learned about airsoft guns and how they work. Their Customer Service is friendly and will answer any questions you have about Airsoft guns. First of all there are 3 different Airsoft guns; SPRING, GAS, and ELECTRIC. Spring guns are manually functioned meaning you have to manually retract the cocking mechanism to shoot one BB at a time. Gas guns are typically filled with CO2 cartridges or Green Gas which is a mixture of 100% Silicon and Propane which both the CO2 cartridge and the Green Gas are loaded into the magazine. The Electric working airsoft guns are powered by batteries and electronic components that are upgradable can enhance the performance of the guns rate of fire and durability.

Are airsoft guns legal?

YES!!!! but they need to have an orange tip for it to be legal to shoot other people if it brakes off DO NOT SHOOT IT AT ALL fix it or get a new one also make sure that the fps is at a legal level

Can airsoft guns hold all types of bbs?


Can you change batteries in airsoft guns?

Most, if not all airsoft guns have accessible and changeable batteries. On most occasions you will have to take out the battery to charge it.

Can you use caliber bbs for airsoft guns?

you can not use metal bbs in airsoft guns at all. they are not compatible because they are both built differently.