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It depends on the organisms. If the organism can live in harsh and brutal conditions than yes, planets can support life. The traits of the organisms depend on how it can live in other planets. Only the Sun can't support life.

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Q: Can all planets support life
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How many planets can support life?


What sort of planets can support life?


Why is earth called a unique planets?

as far as we know it is the only planet that has water and life

How does Pluto compare with the outer planets?

Pluto is similar to the outer planets in the following ways:They all orbit the SunThey are all ball-shapedThey all have moonsThey are all in our solar systemNone of them can support human life

What other planet is known to support life?

Scientist are still studying. Nobody knows if there are other planets that support life.

Do other planet or moons might support life no or yes?

Yes,Other planets could scientists believed some life were on other planets and signs of life

Why aren't other planets able to support life?

One reason is if it is because the Planet is too hot or cold to support water for life.

How is earth different from all the other planets?

It has dogs, fish, trees, people, and cars on it.

What steps are scientists taking to look for life on other planets?

They are sending robots to explore other planets where they conduct evperiment to see if the planet can support life.

What is the name of the planets that can support life?

They come under the classification of Planetus lifesupportidae.

Why did God create life on other planets besides earth?

Scientists say that life can be expected to have evolved on other planets, wherever the environment is not so hostile that life can not be supported. They say that in this vast universe there must be many such planets that can support life and that some are likely to support intelligent life forms even more advanced than humans. Whether we believe that our God created the life on other planets is a matter of human faith. No doubt any intelligent life on other planets will never have heard of Earth's gods.

Are there any other planets that sustain life?

So far, earth is the only planet known to support life, but many scientists thing that life probably exists on other planets.