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If the right conditions apply then yes all substance can be changed from a solid to a liquid. A liquid CO2 can be achieved above 5.2 atmosphere of pressure.

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Are all substances solid at 20 degrees celsius?

Definitely not! Not even all the elements are solid, and there are millions of liquid organic substances.

What substances have both a solid and liquid form?

All pure substances do. Many substances with mixed compositions do also, although not all (for instance, you'll never see cotton as a liquid... or liquid wood...).

Do all substances exist in a solid liquid or gaseous state?


All changes in a phase are what?

the phases can be changed from a liquid, gas, or solid

Is anthracite a solid liquid or gas?

All substances can exist in solid, gas, liquid and plasma forms as well as forms in-between.Answer: Anthracite can be any.

How do waters relatives densities as a solid and a liquid differ from that of most other substances?

The solid state of water is less dense than its liquid state, which is why ice floats on water. The solid state of nearly all other substances is more dense than the liquid state and sinks in the liquid state.

What is the temperature of a substance that has changed from a liquid to a gas?

If all substances are at equilibrium, the temperature is the boiling point, at the prevailing pressure, of the substance that has changed from liquid to gas.

What are some substances that changes through all three states of matter - solid liquid and gas?

Some substances like water (or wax) can undergo observable changes through all three states of matter - solid liquid and gas.

Is hand sanitizer a liquid or solid?

its an aqueous substance. all jellylike substances are called aqueous.

What is the temperature does solid becomes a liquid?

All substances have different melting points, think of water and of lead.

What a mixture is?

What is a Mixture?a mixture is the process of mixing two or more substancesWhat is a filtration?a filtration is the process of separating a solidand liquid substancesTHAT'S ALL

Do all substances melt at the same temperature?

No. Different materials melt at different temperatures. This is why some substances are solid at room temperature while others are liquid.

What is the substance that loses its shape under certain conditions?

All substances lose their shape if changed to a liquid or gas.

Can Solid liquid and gas exist in a mixture?

Yes, its possible with all substances. It's called the triple point on a phase diagram, where the substance exists as a gas, liquid, and solid at a given temperature and pressure.

Do all substances have a solid liquid gas phase?

no. carbon dioxide gos from a solid form right to a gas form. look up "dry ice"

Are solid liquid and gas phases or substances?

Solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas are all states of matter. Hopefully that helps.

Can liquids other than water evaporate?

Evaporation is the change of state from a liquid to a gas. At a certain temperature all compounds and substances will evaporate. SOLID to LIQUID then to GAS.

Is bread dough a solid or a liquid and how is it a solid or a liquid?

it is a solid because all liquids evaporate

Compare the densities of the solid liquid and gaseous states of a substance?

If you compare the densities of a solid, liquid, and gaseous states of a substance you will find that the solid is the most dense, the liquid is a medium density, and the gas is the least dense.

Is zink a solid liquid or gas?

Zinc is all, a solid, liquid, and a gas. when it is melted, it is a liquid, when the liquid is heated, it becomes a vapor, a gas, and when the liquid is froze is is a solid.

What is the physical form in which a substance can exist?

There are several physical forms in which a substance can exist. The common ones on earth are solid, liquid and gas, although some substances cannot exist as all three.A solid, liquid, gas or plasma.

Does the volume of a substance change from solid to liquid form?

Yes. Almost all substances are less dense in their liquid form than their solids, as the solid structure is more closely packed. Water is the exception to this, hence ice floats.

Explain why the boiling point and the melting point can be used to help identify substances?

You can compare them to tell one liquid from another. All solid substances melt at one temperature only.

Do all substances have a solid liquid and gas phase Explain.?

All substances do exist in all phases at some point (at least theoretically). However, many substances are unlikely to be seen in a certain phase because of their chemical properties. Carbon dioxide, for example, does have a liquid phase, but it is rarely seen at room temperature because solid CO2 sublimes to a gas without moving through the liquid phase. If the proper circumstances were met (usually extreme changes in temperature or pressure), liquid CO2 could be prepared (similar to how liquid nitrogen cannot exist except in extremely low temperatures).

What is a temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid?

It matters what the object is. All substances have different melting/freezing points. (water is 32 degrees)