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All vampires can run fast, but they cant fly.

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Q: Can all the vampires in twilight run fast and fly?
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Do the vampires in twilight fly?

No, they can jump high and far though.

In twilight what don't vampires do?

In twilight vampires don't fly or turn into bats. They don't live in dark houses and sleep in cofins. The vampires can fallin love. They don't become a vampire after having their blood sucked they become vampires by being bitton. Hope this helped!

Do vampires fly?

Vampires are a type of bat; although they have no feathers, they do fly.

Can vampires fly?

Well, Vampires can turn into bats and fly, but besides that, NO!

How do vampires fly?

According to legends, vampires have the ability to transform into bats so when they transform into bats they can fly.

Why do so many people hate twilight?

Because it makes vampires look like stupid vampires that jump not fly, won't die even in the sun unless their head is ripped off by other vampires, care only about how much conditioner is in their hair. Zombies are the only horror movie character that are terrible

How fast do parrots fly?

they can fly really fast!

How fast does the robin fly?

they can fly as fast as a chickadee

How fast does a partridge fly?

how fast can a patridge fly

How fast can a fly fly?

a fly can fly as fast as a Honda srx (95km) in perfect conditions

What is the difference in vampire and human?

difference between vampires and humans are that vampires dead and they drink blood. Plus vampires can fly and humans cant and vampires are very pale and mean .

What are a vampires habits?

Vamires habits are different then the movies.In the movies vampires only feed when they need tobut vampires need to feed every24 hours because they can not survive even a day without blood.People say vampires fly well they don't fly they levitate because if the fly they wouldn't be able to walk up walls so dan't say they fly because they don't. that's pretty much it vampires don'have that much bad habits.

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