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No, not all vampires in Twilight can run fast and fly. Only certain vampires, like those from the Cullen family, have those special abilities.

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All vampires can run fast, but they cant fly.

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Q: Can all the vampires in twilight run fast and fly?
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In twilight what don't vampires do?

In twilight vampires don't fly or turn into bats. They don't live in dark houses and sleep in cofins. The vampires can fallin love. They don't become a vampire after having their blood sucked they become vampires by being bitton. Hope this helped!

Do vampires fly?

Vampires are a type of bat; although they have no feathers, they do fly.

Can vampires fly?

Well, Vampires can turn into bats and fly, but besides that, NO!

How fast can vampire bats fly?

According to legends, vampires have the ability to transform into bats so when they transform into bats they can fly.

What are a vampires habits?

Vamires habits are different then the movies.In the movies vampires only feed when they need tobut vampires need to feed every24 hours because they can not survive even a day without blood.People say vampires fly well they don't fly they levitate because if the fly they wouldn't be able to walk up walls so dan't say they fly because they don't. that's pretty much it vampires don'have that much bad habits.

How fast can fly?

It depends what insect you are talking about because not all insects fly at the same paste.

What is the difference in vampire and human?

difference between vampires and humans are that vampires dead and they drink blood. Plus vampires can fly and humans cant and vampires are very pale and mean .

How quick are vampire when fly?

Vampires if they were really how quick could they fly they can fly up to 500km per minute.

Where do you get flight in vampires?

That is just garbage folk-lore. Vampires cannot fly, nor turn into bats to do so. >_>

How fast can a cockpit airplane fly?

All aircraft have cockpits. The fastest fly around 1,600 mph.

How fast much santa fly to reach all the children on Christmas Eve?

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How do vampires react to sun?

This all depends on what kind of vampires you are talking about. Fictional vampires (Dracula etc) all have different reactions to sunlight. The most known fictional vampires would turn to ashes in sunlight or some similar death of the vampire. If you however mean vampire bats, they can perfectly fly around in broad daylight, however they are nocturnal animals.