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Can ambipom learn hyper beam?


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Since it's a fully evolved Pokemon, yes.


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Charizard cannot learn Hyper Beam naturally but it can be taught it via the use of a Hyper Beam TM.

It can learn Hyper Beam through the use of the Hyper Beam TM.

Fearow is able to learn Hyper Beam. It can learn Hyper Beam through the use of the TM, which can be bought at the Celadon Department Store.

Absol cannot learn Hyper Beam unless taught by TM.

Lugia already has hyper beam you spasticI don't know what the person on top is speaking of. Lugia does not level up to learn Hyper Beam. You must use the TM 15 (Hyper Beam) so Lugia will learn it.

Tyranitar learns Hyper Beam at level 73.

No, you must evolve Magikarp into Gyarados for it to learn Hyper Beam. (Magikarp can't learn any TMs)

You have to have him learn it. He wont learn it by himself, so buy a hyper beam in celadon and teach it to him.

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

a: he can only learn it by TM

Charmander must evolve into Charizard to learn Hyper Beam.

Yes Lugia can learn Hyper beam

He never does. Luxray is a physical attacker, why on earth would you want Hyper Beam on it ??

I'm thinking it would learn it in the 40s.

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

yes a squirtle can learn hyper beam without evolving.....but i cant remember what level it needs to learn it hope it helps a little bit even

In generation III games, Rayquaza learns Hyper Beam at level 75.

No, there are second stage and even basic pokemon who are capable of learning Hyper Beam.

Yes, I think its at about level 60. then why is mine lvl 72 then with no hyper beam. DRAGONITE LEARNS HYPER BEAM AT LVL. 75!!

You have to be a final form to learn it, but not EVERY starter can learn hyper beam. Also, hyper beam is not exactly a good attack for the following reasons: -IT makes you immobile for one turn -its not as powerful as you think -it misses quite often -its bad for "monster houses"

Yes it can, via TM 15.

according to my scientific calculations flygon learns hyper beam at level 65 if you can't be bothered training it up just buy the hyper beam TM (TM 15) from the department store

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