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Of course they can that's like saying can my English mobile phone connect to this American mobile phone via bluetooth


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of course you can! You can connect psp even with ps3

No the PSP was designed to connect with the PS3

No the PSP was designed to connect with the PS3

The PSP was designed to connect with the PS3. Just because it can connect with the PS3 does not mean it can connect with a PS2 and it can not and does not

No, the Sony PSP cannot connect with the Nintendo Wii

The PSP Street has no wifi or bluetooth, it cannot connect to another PSP.

only two player games can connect with the wlan switch on the side of the psp 1000 and on the top of the psp 2000 and psp 3000 also you can use game sharing to connect to each other.

I will connect my psp to the computer

You buy one, and connect it to the psp.

if u mean if u must connect psp go to pc to download games? no u got a psp store on the psp

yes it is all the same but for xbox 360 and i think ps3 no

to download songs on your psp you connect it to a pc,psp

The PSO 2000 and 3000 can connect to your television with the PSP AV cables.

The PSP E1000 series, 'PSP Street' has no wi-fi capabilities so cannot connect to wi-fi.

you can buy them but only with invizimals It does,but its a separate hardware.You connect it with the usb slot on top of the psp. Its called the Go!Cam in English and Chotto Shot in Japanese.

The first thing you need is a AV cable to connect you psp go to your tv.

You can't connect a PSP-E1004 to a TV because it has no Video-out.

The games will work, yes. PSP games are not region locked, but UMD movies are.

No, the 'Street' PSP, PSP-E1000, does not have wireless capabilities.

yes you can do this if you want to share pics

Your thinking about the PS3 not the PS2. The PS2 can not connect with the PSP as they don't work together

There's an option to manually enter the SSID, you can enter it there. Or you can unhide the SSID temporarily to just let the PSP connect and save the settings, then you can hide it again, but the PSP can still connect.

you can connect your psp to your computer and transfer all the files to the psp and that should do it

connect psp to a pc then copy the photo to the photo folder in the psp there you go

Yes, you can get on the internet using your PSP but you will need a wireless router to do so. I am including a link that gives instructions on how to do this:

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