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Catholic AnswerOf course not, an Anglican is a protestant, a Catholic Church is Catholic. An Anglican may receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church after completing RCIA classes and being brought into the Church at the Easter Vigil, but if they wish to remain an Anglican, they are, by that very fact, proclaiming that they are not in communion with the Catholic Church, so to receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church would be a lie and dangerous to their spiritual well-being. Aside from all that, Catholics to not "take" Holy Communion, they "receive" Holy Communion.
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Th Maronites are one of the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church. No, an Anglican can not receive Catholic Communion.

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Q: Can an Anglican take communion in a Maronite church?
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Can c of e take communion at child's first communion?

Nobody can take Holy Communion in a Catholic Church, you may only receive Holy Communion from the priest, and then only if you have been baptized in the Catholic Church and previously made your first Confession and First Holy Communion. Bottom line? An Anglican may not take communion in a Catholic Church.

Can a Church of Ireland receive communion in the Roman Catholic church?

I take it that you mean if a member of the Church of Ireland receive Communion in the Catholic Church. Well the Church of Ireland is an branch of the Anglican Church and thereby not in union with the Bishop of Rome, so no, a member of the Church of Ireland cannot receive Communion in the Catholic Church. To receive Communion in the Catholic Church, you are to be Catholic united to Rome and accept the doctrine of transubstantiation in the Eucharist. Now if you are a member of the Catholic Church in the country of Ireland, yes you are allowed to because you are Catholic in that sense, but again, an Anglican member of the Church of Ireland cannot receive Communion unless they convert to Catholicism and accept all teachings taught by the Magisterium concerning the Eucharist..Catholic Answer.It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. Short answer: No, the Church of Ireland is a protestant Church, and is most definitely not in "Communion" with the Catholic Church. The only way that an Anglican (member of the Church of Ireland) may receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church is to convert. Pope Benedict issued a Motu Proprio several years ago, which allows Anglicans to convert to the Catholic Church and retain their own usages in the Latin Rite, it is call the Anglican usage, see link below.

Do apostolics take communion?

Some do and some don't if the apostolic church is a literal communion they do if they are a spiritual communion apostolic church then they don't.

Is it wrong for a Roman Catholic to go to an Anglican church?

It's not wrong, they both worship the same God, however they can't really take communion in each others churches. Also, you can not use attendance at an Anglican service to take the the place of the requirement to attend a Catholic Mass on Sunday.

Do you have to be baptised to receive Communion in the United Methodist Church?

You do not have to be baptized to receive holy communion in the United Methodist Church. The only requirement is that you feel moved to take communion. This is called open communion.

If your Roman Catholic can you go to a Church of England Church Service?

Officially, if you are not confirmed a Roman Catholic then you are excluded from receiving communion (mass) in the Roman Catholic Church. However, the Church of England is very different. Most CofE clergy will allow anyone who normally takes communion in their own church (whatever denomination) to take communion in a Church of England if they are, say, visiting. Very few clergy these days only allow confirmed Anglicans to take communion, and these tend to be in the churches with a more Catholic tradition akin to the Roman Church. In some more progressive Anglican churches, clergy will allow anyone to take communion as long as they come in faith, whatever denomination and whether confirmed or not. As a confession (!!) I have myself, as a member of the Church of England, received communion in a Catholic Church without the priest knowing that I was not a Catholic, at one time even at a mass presided over by Pope John Paul II. No doubt, had he known, I may well have been refused. I regarded, and still do, the receipt of communion a matter that resides solely between myself and God and so it should not have any dependence upon a man-made Church rule but on God's loving grace and a personal faith.

Can you take Communion in a Catholic church before being baptized?

You may never "take" Holy Communion in a Catholic Church. You MAYonlyreceive Holy Communion after you have been baptized, and in the Latin Rite, made your First Confession.

Can a Roman Catholic take Communion at a Presbyterian Church?

Why not?

When to take when not to take?

In the Catholic church if it not permited for someone to take communion if they have not been through the classes and steps to receive their first communion, if they are not a member of the Catholic church, or if they have not been to confession recently.

Do you have to be baptized to take communion?

Catholics do not 'take' communion, they 'receive' communion. Yes, you must be a baptized Catholic to receive communion in a Catholic Church. Also, you must have undergone instruction and received your First Holy Communion.

Can anyone take communion in the Lutheran church?

It depends on the church. Some you can; others (like Missouri or Wisconsin Synod), you must be a member.

What age do church of England children take communion?

In England the children take their first communion when they are roughly ten years old.