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Can an airplane fly with one wing and a propeller?


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Usually not, but it would depend on the airplane, the pilot, and what you mean by "fly".

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The most well known airplane with four propeller driven engines on each wing was the "Spruce Goose". It was designed by Howard Hughes and flew only one time for a short distance.

Because if you only have one wing it's not gona be balanced!

Planes like B-2 Bomber And F-117 Nighthawk are these king of planes. They fly one main wing. They are called Omniwings.

A Monoplane is a airplane with one main wing. This has been the dominate design for planes since the 1930's.

It depends on the size of the airplane. On a small cessna one man can carry one side of the wing by himself. On an airliner it takes a crane to carry it. The weight is not as big a factor as the wings shape to produce lift. With enough power any wing can be made to fly.

On the first airplane one or to could fly on it.

>No it cannot fly with one wing. UNLESS the aircraft's body actually produces sufficient lift, such as a "flying wing" aircraft

The Channel Wing is a wing that "wraps around" underneath the engine of a propeller driven aircraft. The propeller is in front of the section of the wing that curves around the engine, and so is in the slipstream of the propeller. As engine power increases so does airflow over the curved section of wing, causing more lift than a straight wing would develop. Unfortunately, the trade-off (and there always is one) is that at cruising speeds the Channel Wing is less efficient than a normal wing.

If one is interested in purchasing a toy airplane with an operational propeller they may want to check Amazon or eBay to make this purchase. Each of these sites have this type of item for sale to the consumer.

If the wing is sticking out both sides of the airplane in roughly equal amounts, it is called a Monoplane. If there's a wing on one side and none on the other, it's called Unflyable.

No. A pigeon requires two wings to fly.

Nothing can fly without a complete wing or set of wings. Balance would be off primarily.

No bird can fly with only 1 wing, they need both to lift themselves into the air

In a one-engine propeller aircraft, alone.

The Spruce Goose built by Hughes Aircraft had eight massive propeller driven engines. It only flew one time with Howard Hughes at the wheel.

A VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft is one that can takeoff and land like a helicopter, but fly like a plane. A good example is the V-22 Osprey.

One would describe a biplane as a wing that can be used as a fixed wing for an aircraft, this has two wings that used biplane design to fly the aircraft one after the other. The other biplane in biology is a wing of some animals that can fly.

As heavy as they need to be, but it depends on the airplane: one C-17 wing weighs more than a whole Cessna.

Two bronze triple-blade wing propellers. One bronze quadruple-blade centre propeller.

One can find more information about airplane bedding in the following sites; Vintage Airplane Bedding on eBay, Airplane bedding from Etsy, and Aviator Fly away Airplane Quilt Bedding on amazon.

The aircraft used in the 1980 comedy film Airplane! was a modified Boeing 707. One of the comedic touches is that when the plane (a four-engine jet) is in flight, the sound effect is that of a propeller-driven aircraft.The shuttle that is flown in the sequel Airplane II was the Mayflower.

Orville Wright. One of the Wright Brothers

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