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That is what they are designed to do.

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2011-02-14 01:58:07
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Q: Can an airsoft gun fire plastic pellets?
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WHY is a plastic BB gun illegal what about air shot plastic pellets?

Airsoft is legal in many countries. Any gun that shoots plastic pellets are airsoft guns.

Do you use bbs or pellets with a airsoft gun?

pellet=no bb's= 6mm plastic not copper.

What is an airsoft gun reservoir?

That is where the pellets are stored in the gun.

Are Airsoft Gun with plastic pellets legal in Bahrain?

only if you are walking around in public shooting stuff

What company owns the right to airsoft?

No company owns the rights to airsoft. Airsoft is just a general term for an air rifle that shoots plastic pellets. BB rifles also shoot plastic pellets, but a true airsoft gun uses a more complicated firing system then that of BB guns.

Can an airsoft gun break a window with plastic pellets?

depends i can shater a beer bottle wit one shot of my gun depends how powerful ur gun is. mines 420fps+

Can you make airsoft pellets?

Not worth it. You may damage your gun

What sport is AirSplat associated with?

AirSplat is one of the larger retailers for AirSoft guns. AirSoft is a sport where one uses a replica of an actual gun that shoots non lethal plastic pellets.

Can you put metal pellets in airsoft sniper rifles?

no, metall bbs will break your gun, and are too small to fire properly. Do not attempt this.

Which one is stronger airsoft or pellet?

Pellets are stronger but are extremely dangerous. Pellets can kill a person. If you want to have a war, and keep everyone alive, then buy a airsoft gun, NOT a pellet gun.

Can an airsoft gun fire paintballs?

No, a .68 paintball is several times larger than an airsoft pellet. There are "paintball" airsoft pellets, but they only work on low powered spring guns and have a very small splat mark.

Can BB guns shoot airsoft pellets as soft as airsoft guns?

That depends on the power of your BB gun and ammo size. If your BB gun uses 6mm BBs, then yes, it can shoot normal airsoft BBs as well. However, BB guns are usually too powerful for the plastic airsoft BBs. If you fired a plastic airsoft BB in an average powered BB gun, the airsoft BB would break. This usually happens in your gun's barrel. If the BB cracks, it can cause internal damage to the gun. This is not good. Common problems that result from BBs breaking inside of a gun are- Loss of Accuracy, Loss of Power, and Loss of the gun's reliability. So the answer to your question is yes. You can fire Airsoft BBs out of a BB gun if they are the right side. However, it is not recommended that you do this because it can cause a lot of long term problems with you BB gun.

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