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Not likely. Airsoft guns were designed not to penetrate skin.

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can an air soft gun kill a zombie

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Q: Can an airsoft gun kill a zombie yes or no?
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Can a bb gun kill a zombie?

no because its weak but yes because its dead.

Can you kill a squirrel with Ak887 9mm Silver Airsoft Pellet Gun?

Yes, in a matter of fact, I shot THROUGH it!

Can an airsoft gun kill you?

The matter of fact is that no an airsoft gun can not kill a person, but it can kill insects such as ants, butterflies, and leaves, also paper, and plastic toilette paper are in harms way. Unless you beatn sombody with the butt of the gun mercelessly until they suffered so much head trauma they died

Can the police shoot you for having a airsoft gun?

If you use airsoft gun in public place or pretend it's a real gun - yes, you can be shoot. Do not use airsoft guns in public places!

Can you buy a airsoft gun in Chicago?


Are .25g airsoft bbs good for any airsoft gun?

yes they are very accurate

Is the galaxy mp5k pdw airsoft gun a good gun?

yes its a good gun

Is there an acr airsoft gun?

Yes. A&K and one other company make an airsoft gun based on the design of the Magpul Masada.

Can you kill a bird with a spring airsoft 20 feet away?

Yes some airsoft guns can kill birds

Do bio bbs work for any gun?

Any airsoft gun. Yes

Can parents buy an airsoft gun for their kids?


Can a Co2 airsoft gun be full auto?