Can an artificially implanted embryo grow inside a male?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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No, an artificially implanted embryo can't grow inside a male. A male does not have the organs to sustain life.

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Q: Can an artificially implanted embryo grow inside a male?
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Where is a bird's embryo develop and grow?

The bird embryo develops inside the protective shell of the egg, using the egg yolk as a source of energy and materials from which it will develop.

Do bird eggs grow?

the answer to this question is no because the experience of life with hair works but not with other materials such as a plant it will not work so that is your answer NO.

What do zygotes grow into?


Where the chicken embryo develops?

See the related Wikipaedia link for detailed information.

How are baby birds made in the eggshell?

Initial development of the egg, including the embryo, begins inside the mother bird after she mates with a male. The embryo, yolk, and shell initially form together. After the egg is laid the bird embryo continues to grow, drawing the nutrients it needs from the yolk.

Did you come from your mum's tummy?

Yes you did. The tummy is called the abdominopelvic region. And inside there is a special place called a uterus. When a baby develops, it starts out as an embryo implanted in the wall of the uterus. And as it grows mum's tummy gets bigger. Then after about nine months, the baby wants to come out because there is not enough space in her tummy anymore. And then the baby inside, called a fetus, it is delivered through the birth canal out into the world and we have a new baby that will grow into an adult human being.

Why does the embryo grow?

People can explain the process the embryo goes through to grow. However, no one can explain what gives motivates it to do the things it does or the strength to do those things

What is the function of an embyo?

The function of an embryo is to grow into a fetus inside the mother that is nearly identical to its parents, and then be born into the outside world as a baby animal of the same kind as its parents.

Does a hummingbird egg grow inside or outside their mother?

In a way, you could say "both inside and outside". The egg is produced and fertilized inside the mother. She lays the egg and incubates it so the embryo grows outside the mother and develops into the hatchling hummingbird.

Where embryo and fetus grow for 8 months?


Can the embryo grow through the process of mitosis?

Yes, it has to.

Where is the place where an embryo grows in a woman?

You have got a special organ for this purpose. It is called as uterus. It is placed inside the pelvic cavity. The size of the uterus is 1*2*3 inches. This get enlarged during pregnancy to occupy almost the whole abdomen. It is normally placed at the right angle to the vagina.