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Technically speaking, there is no realistic way to "defy" gravity. Gravity is a universal and inevitable force that acts upon all objects at all times at an equal rate. However, there are ways to change the conditions under which you are influenced by gravity in order to minimize its effects. In the case of an athlete, it is a matter of man (or woman) vs. gravity, with no technological aide. The only controllable variables are speed, strength, and position. Common sense would tell you that the more momentum and force you have going into a jump, the farther or higher you are going to go. Also, the more area faced with resistance, the longer it will take to touch back down. Of course, in a human jump, we're speaking in terms of miliseconds... Basically, the answer is no, no living or nonliving thing withing the confines of the Earth can truly defy the great and inevitable force of gravity.

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Do figure skaters defy gravity?

No, they do not. The jump and leap, but gravity never ceases acting upon them.

How do gymnasts defy gravity?

They don't. They jump higher and further because they are stronger and better at doing so, not because they can resist gravity.

How does Superman fly and does he defy gravity?

superman is able to manipulate psionically,gravitaion particles, in an unknown and unconcious manner. to defy the forces of gravity. at first he could only jump an eighth of a mile but do to his molecular structure and expsure to the yellow sun his ability to jump great distances turned into flight.

Why athelete has to run before taking long jump?

He's generating momentum. The faster he's going when he jumps, the farther he'll be able to jump before gravity brings him back down.

What force pulls a snowboard toward the ground during a jump?


What force opposes gravity during a bungee jump?

1) Air Resistance 2) Friction from the rope?

Who was the first athelete in Singapore to take part in the Olympics?

Lloyd Valberg who placed 14th in men's high jump at the 1948 Games in London.

What is an example of gravity?

an example of gravity is sky diving. the gravity is pulling down the the ground after you jump out of the plane.

How might you not jump without gravity?

Without gravity, you could jump all right... but you wouldn't fall back down. For example, if you jump on a small asteroid (with hardly any gravity), you would propel yourself into space and wouldn't come back.

Would you be able to jump on the moon?

you would be able to jump on the moon. the moon's gravity is 1/6 of earths gravity so there is a bit of gravit but not alot so you will be able to jump abit

Why is it better to jump on the moon?

because there is no gravity

Why does a person standing on the moon can jump higher than a person standing on earth?

It's simple Gravity you see...When you jump on earth the gravity pulls you down however if you jump on the moon there is no gravity meaning you'll just float off and eventually land.

Why can you jump higher on the moon?

The moon's surface gravity is about on sixth of the surface gravity on Earth.

Is gravity present on Earth?

Yes. Without the gravity, we wouldn't be able to land on the ground after we jump.

How can you fight gravity?

you jump up high and float

What makes a person jump and return to the ground?


How high could you jump on Saturn's moon Hyperion?

The gravity on Hyperion is about 0.02 m/s/sWith gravity that weak you could jump 500m above the surface.

How do you defy gravity on Earth?

There are many ways of defying gravity! You can jump, you can get into an airplane, rocket or even pull yourself up. If you mean negating gravity entirely, well, it isn't possible. At least not without needing some undiscovered exotic matter or infinite energy. It would also be quite dangerous, as soon as you negate gravity on your body you would be launched away from the Earth as the Earth continues its orbit around the Sun at many many kilometers per hour, leaving you behind!

Why man jump on the surface of moon?

Probably because it is 'fun' and a very intriguing sensation to jump with no gravity.

Why do you fall if you jump?

because gravity pulls you back to earth

Do calf raises help you jump higher?

No, low-gravity does.

How does a bungee jump work long answer?

Gravity and elastic force...

What forces act on you when you jump out of a plane?

Gravity and wind resistance.

How high could you jump on Saturn?

The gravity on Saturn is only slightly more than the gravity on Earth. Therefore, a person jumping on Saturn would jump to a similar height as that on Earth.

Why would Neil Armstrong be able to jump 8 meters?

On Earth, he probably wouldn't. During his Moon trip, the lower gravity on the Moon - 1/6 of Earth - would make 8 metres jump no big deal.