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Can an aunt get custody of a minor child in Florida?

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It might be possible if the court decides that the parents of the minor are unfit to properly care for the child. Before a guardianship petition would be accepted from any adult concerning custody of a minor the minor's parents would have to voluntarily relinquish their rights or the court would have to permanently terminate the rights the parents to the minor child. In some cases a minor is placed in the home of a relative temporarily while an investigation is completed by child protective services or while the judge is deciding what action if any should be taken in regards to the minor child's welfare.

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How can a minor live with an aunt instead of their abusive parents?

The Aunt would need to file a motion for custody of a child in need of care.

If an Aunt has phys and legal custody of a niece can she transfer custody to another Aunt without involving the 7 year absent mother?

Yes because the mother had no custody over the child

Can an aunt take her niece out of the country?

If the niece is an adult, her aunt can take her anywhere she wants to go. If the niece is a minor and the aunt has custody, she can take her anywhere she wants, as long as conditions of the award of custody do not limit travel or relocation. If the aunt is not a custodian of a minor niece, then she can take the niece out of the country only with the permission of the custodian or custodial parent.

How can a mother gain custody back of her son after signing over legal custody to his aunt?

If the aunt is not agreeable, it will require a custody challenge, including demonstrating that child support was paid during the time period.

You are an aunt of a child with one deceased and the other in jail can you get custody of this child?

File a child in need of care motion

Can a minor child choose to live with an adult sibling with just one parents consent?

The Aunt can be named a guardian, however this dos not prevent a custody challenge by the other parent.

Does an aunt have the right to have physical custody of a 15 year old child in new york state?

Only with approval by the court of a Motion for Custody of a Child In Need Of Care.

If a child is living with her aunt and was removed from her mothers custody by social services and the father has no interest in the child and has left can the Aunt ask for gaurdianship of the child?

yes the aunt could if the little girl had been taken away from her mother from child services and the father has no intrest. but she can not if the father decides to take custidy then no

Can an aunt take minor child without parents permission?

In the US... NO, and if she attempts it she can find herself facing criminal charges. The only exception would be if the court has awarded the Aunt custody and the only way that will happen is if the parents are proven to be unfit, and it takes A LOT to prove unfitness.

What age can a minor child choose to live with non custodial aunt in Alabama?

When they are 18.

Who gets custody of a child if the father is dead an mother goes to jail in tn?

The courts would prefer to find some other competent relative such as a grandparent or possibly an aunt or uncle of the child, in such a case. If no such relative can be found who is willing to take custody of the child, then the child will become a ward of the state.

Teen living with aunt since birth no legal custody order bio mom has legal custody can teen leave with her consent without aunt being able to stop him?

Ya if your aunt does not have custody you can leave with bio moms consent, now your aunt might threaten and try to keep you there but without custody she has no legal rights to make you

If the aunt has custody how could the father go about getting custody?

appeal to the court

Can aunts or uncles obtain copies of birth certificates of their nieces and nephews?

Only if the child or children are placed in custody of the uncle and/or aunt

If a father leaves his daughter with her Aunt and has had no contact in several months can the aunt ask for guardianship the mother was denied custody by social services as well This is in Minnesota?

Yes, but she first has to go through court and if the judge thinks the father is unfit, or if the child is old enough to choose who they want to live with, then the judge could give custody to the aunt.

How can an aunt obtain custody of a niece?

Through the courts.

What is your child to your aunt?

Your aunt is your child's Great Aunt, so your child is her great niece or great nephew.

Who gets custody if both parents lose custody?

A relative. Someone like an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

How are you related to a child of your uncle or aunt?

A child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.

What would your aunt be to your child?

Their 'great aunt'

Can a minor move to a different state to live with an aunt?

A minor can move to a different state to live with an aunt as long as they have permission from their parents.

What is your mother's great aunt to your child?

To your child, she would be a great great great aunt. If she is your mother's great aunt, that means she is your great great aunt, making her a great great great aunt to your child. I would just stick to calling her auntie or Aunt ______. :)

Can you at age 13 choose to live with your aunt instead of your mother and father in Kentucky?

You yourself cannot choose to move in and live with your aunt. However, if your parents and aunt agree that you should, then you can. If they can't agree and you, as a child, are endangered in your parent's custody, then a court will decide where you will live and who your legal guardian will be.

What does a child call his father's aunt?

You father's aunt is your great aunt.

What custody rights does an aunt have?

None, unless appointed by a judge

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