Can an executor deny a beneficiary access to property listed in an estate?

No they can't. However, if the beneficiary is being unreasonable, then the Executor has the right to ask the beneficiary to deal with him through their lawyer. Answer An executor can deny a beneficiary access to property in an estate. Once again though, you must check the laws of the jurisdiction which govern that estate. Most states have laws that say that an executor is entitled to possession and control of all estate assets during administration. Many also provide that if an executor demands that a beneficiary give back an asset that the beneficiary has taken, the beneficiary must give it back. This is necessary for the orderly administration of every estate. You can imagine the chaos that would ensue if every beneficiary had full access to everything in the estate while administration of the estate is going on. Don't forget that the other parts of settling an estate may involve the sale of some items in order to pay debts owed by the deceased. It is often more easily and efficiently done if you let the executor--named by the deceased--complete the job.