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First, ANSWER: No. If you take a bath with a fever, make sure the H2O is atleast room temp. No colder. Dangers of taking a cold bath with a high temp include systematic shock, seizure (due to rapid change in body temp), bradycardia (slow heart rate) from vagal response, and I */believe but am not 100% sure/* a possibility of going into V-Tach/V-Fib (lethal cardiac rhythm).

Second off, an Aneurysm is /NOT/ a blood clot. And Emboli/Embolus (Stationary) or Thrombi/Thrombus (Moving) are blood clots. An Aneurysm is a weakened section of an Arteries wall, which can cause a 'ballooning' out of that vessels wall. Commonly seen in the brain and on the Aorta (the main artery in the body).

Causes of an aneurysm can be chemical consumption (Alcohol/Drugs/Nicotine), poor diet, to birth defects and poor genes.

Just because you have an Aneurysm does not mean you are going to die. If the aneurysm RUPTURES, then there is a very good chance you will die.

Third: No, if you have a fever >101 oF, you do not have to immediately go to the ER. Go to an urgent care clinic or your regular family physician. If you have a fever >103/104 oF, then you should consider Emergency Medical care. Please note: You can take Anti-pyretics for fevers. Motrin (tm), Tylenol, etc. Then work wonders for fevers. Guess what, that's what the ER is more than likely going to do for you.

Danger for the fever comes in when you get above that 103/104 -OR- when your fever come on RAPIDLY (<30-60min). IE: Your temp is 98.7 and within an hour you shoot up to 102. If this occurs you will more than likely have a febrile seizure.

-FireMedicX, Flight Paramedic

AnswerThere is no correlation between the two. Aneurysms are a blood clot that lets go on it's own accord and can hit the heart, lung or brain. For some reason Aneurysms have been increasing in teens in the last 10 years. This may be due to drug or alcohol abuse, but doctors are shocked at the rise. AnswerThere is no correlation between taking a bath during fever and having an aneurysm which is a blood clot that can decide to move on it's own and hit the lungs, heart or brain. When anyone has a high fever of more that 101 they should go to a clinic or ER ASAP.
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Q: Can aneurysm be a result of taking a bath during fever?
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