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Can animal and human reproduce together?

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No, the human egg cell has certain proteins on the outside that protect it from being permeated by anything but the human sperm cell (which has special proteins to break through). Also, if the human egg cell/animal egg cell were to combine with the other type of sperm, the number of chromosomes would be mismatched, causing the death of the potential embryo.

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What makes up an ecosytem?

What makes up an Ecosystem is a group of animals together in one environment which animals reproduce and not just animal but Human Beings also make an environment!

What vertebrate animal cannot reproduce itself?

Well, what I do know is when a horse and a donkey have a baby together, they make a mule. Even if it is a girl, it can not reproduce.

Do animal reproduce why?

Du, they reproduce so that the animal doesn't become extinct/ to have more of that animal.

What would be the outcome of a midget and a gorilla?

There wouldn't be one. A gorilla and human are unable to reproduce together.

If an animal is fertile does that mean it can't reproduce?

If an animal is fertile this means it can reproduce.

Can animal cells reproduce?

They reproduce by dividing.

What are haunches?

a buttock and thigh considered together, in a human or animal.

Can a sheep and human reproduce and the offspring live?

No, humans and goats are not genetically compatible. If a human tries to "mate" with animals it is considered a form of Animal abuse.

What do a human and a dog baby look like?

Humans and dogs cannot reproduce together, the cells wont match.

Can cows and humans reproduce?

No. It is physiologically and genetically impossible for a human and a cow to reproduce and produce offspring. Though it is physically possible for a human to "have sex" with a cow, offspring cannot be produced because the genetic material of the egg and the sperm of either bovine or human do not match: embryo death occurs just after the first couple of cell divisions. It is also against the law in most countries for a human to have sexual contact with an animal, as this is regarded as animal abuse and animal cruelty.

A plant or animal that can reproduce itself?

how a plant can reproduce by itself

How do animal like protists reproduce?

Animal-like Protista and Plant-like Protista reproduce asexually and Fungus-like Protista reproduce with spores.

How do you make domestic animal on doodle god?

You put human and beast together

What is animal reproduction?

animal reproduction is when animals reproduce

Is reproduce a animal?


Where can a virus develop and reproduce?

A virus can reproduce in human cells

How do human reproduce?

Human are mammals and they mate with female and male. Female reproduce by giving birth to babies.

What animal cannot reproduce?

all animals can reproduce, except for the homosexual

What do plant and animal have together?

they both have life. they both need oxygen. they both need to reproduce. and they both need each other.

What is the importance of human?


What animals can a human get pregnant?

Humans are only able to reproduce with other humans; there are no human-animal hybrids, at least not yet. Who knows, genetic engineers may create them some day.

How do betta fish reproduce if they can't be together?

Only male bettas can't be together. Female and male bettas can be together and therefore reproduce.

What is animal mating?

It is how animals reproduce

What animal can reproduce the fastest?


How do duckweeds reproduce?

an animal gfr9ows it out