Can ants see and hear

Updated: 10/21/2022
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I know that ants can see, but I don't know about hearing. They do use their antennae to feel and sense vibrations in the air.

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Q: Can ants see and hear
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Is it true the ants investigates new discoveries of food with its antennae?

Ants do investigate with their antennae's. Their antennae's allow them to see, hear, taste, and feel new things around them.

Do ants here and if then what is there frequency?

yes, they can hear, they can hear more than we can

Can cats see ants?

Yes. Cats can see ants.

Can ants hear sounds made by other animals including humans?

ants are not able to here anything

How can ants see?

Yes! In a very odd way you would not believe. They can hear actually from there knees. They pick up the hustling leafs or dirt over near-by predators or just another ant. Ants also use smell to communicate with other fellow ants.

Do ants see with their antennas?

No, ants have eyes

Can you listen for termites?

No...Termites do not make noise but carpenter ants make shuffling noises in their chambers. If it is ants you will hear them.

What is the noun in My hearing is so good that I can hear armies of ants marching?

The nouns in the sentence are: hearing armies ants

Why do ants have antennae?

they use their antennae to hear, smell, see, and feel.

Where do ladybugs have ears?

No. They hear with their antennae like ants.

Do ants react to loud music?

Ants don't respond to sound in the air like humans do. They hear with their knees and can feel vibrations produced by sounds. It is unlikely that ants would react to loud music.

Can ants hear?

Answer"yes, how do you think they communicate?"They communicate with scent trails. Whoever said that obviously didnt even look it up.Ants hear, per se, through vibrations. Sounds send virbrations, which in turn go through the ground into the ants feet. On the basis of communication, ants "talk" to each other through scents, which lead a trail much like a dog would follow, and pheremones, which in turn affect the ants mood.The ants actually touch antennae to comunicate too because if you see a group of ants you would think they were kissing, but they are communicating.