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Can anyone play Xbox 360 games on Xbox 360 elite?


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Yeah you can play any Xbox 360 game on any xbox 360.

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Yes xbox elite's can play xbox 360 games

Yes, it does play all xbox 360 games, but it does not play ALL (original) xbox games. (if your elite doesn't play xbox 360 games, that means there's something wrong with your system)

it depends whihc xbox system you have you can play all xbox games on the elite but not the arcade

The Elite is the name of the Xbox 360 model and none of the Xbox models play any Playstations games or vice versa

yes, but you can't on the arcade system. You need a pro or an elite to play original xbox games

You can play normal xbox games on an xbox 360 pro or elite. You can not play normal xbox games on the xbox 360 arcadeThe pro is the xbox that is white with crome on the front of the disk tray , the arcade is the all white one and the elite is the black xbox360.

Yes. you can play ANY xbox 360 game on ANY type of xbox 360. you can also play original xbox games on the xbox 360. (but you have to have a hard-drive to play original xbox games on the 360)

Yes, you need a hard drive to play original Xbox games because the hard drive contains the emulator that allows the original Xbox games to play on 360

yes any Xbox plays Xbox games The previous answer (above) is not necessarily true. Yes, Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360 Elite. However, the original Xbox does not play Xbox 360 games, etc (which is why the previous answer was incorrect). Hope this helps, ~Darkeflare

You just put it in the disk tray! But not all Xbox original games are able to work with the Xbox 360.

No. Xbox LIVE is merely an extension to the XBOX 360 to play online with people globally, etc. You can play games without online play/ Xbox LIVE.

you can play any game that does not have pressure sensitivity or any other type of prefferal

No, you cannot, but if you have an XBOX 360, or an XBOX 360 elite, you can play XBOX games, with an XBOX 360 Arcade, you need an XBOX 360 hard drive to play XBOX games.No you can not play Xbox 360 games on the original Xbox. Some original Xbox games can be played on the Xbox360 but it just depends if they are backwards compatible or not.Very few games for original xbox will work on 360. A total of 200 are currently compatible.

yes you can, the type of xbox360 it is (elite, pro, arcade.) does not affect who you can play xbox live w/. the main difference is memory in hard drive, and the elite is black. The arcade can't play old xbox games

If when you say regular Xbox, you mean the REALLY old one, then get the elite. It can play regular Xbox games, and has a lot of features. If your talking about getting the elite over the arcade, get the elite if you want a black Xbox that comes with a lot of memory, or if you want a white Xbox with little memory, get the arcade.

Yes, as long as you have a internet connection to download the emulators required,

YES.... the xbox elite is just another form of the xbox 360 it just has more memory but works the EXACT same way as the xbox 360, in fact it is an xbox 360 it just has added memory xbox and xbox elite are all the same wtf where you thinking

elite has much more space for games and is the only way to go if u play on live

yes the big difference between arcade and elite is memory

haha are you joking? the elite is an xbox 360, only difference is its blak, oh and it has a 120GB HDD. just like the arcade the core and the pro.

You don't all you have to do is get a xbox 360 a (white) one the take your original xbox games and play them on your xbox 360 be sure 2 get a xbox 360 elite or it probably wont work.

no,you can play as an elite on firefight and multiplayer

Only some xbox games are compatible with the 360, for example you can play Halo the original, but you can't play Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volley Ball. It all depends on the game. And if the games was remade for the 360, the chances are no.

Yes, arcade titles are not exclusive to the arcade unit. The Xbox Live marketplace has a section called the "Arcade" where small, downloadable games are available. The only differences between the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Arcade, are hardware differences.

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