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You would have to check with the Social Security Administration for the answer.

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Q: Can aspouse draw disability of her husband?
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Can you draw SS disability off of an ex husband?

i live in mississippi and having neck and back problems and i draw from my husband's ss

Do you have any rights from your disabled vet husband in a divorce from spousal support?

my ex-husband and I were married 20 years. Can I draw from his VA disability?

This past April my ex-husband pased away soon after being approved for disability my question is I was married from 1981 to 1991 could I draw a check from him even though I draw a disability?

If you mean that you received a check for disability destined to your husband who has passed away and you would like to cash it with saying anything to any one. No, I think that you will be breaking the law.

Can you draw disability and still work?

can you draw disability and still work Type your answer here...

Can my husband accept his retirement payout if he is on disability?

Your husband might can get his retirement pay when he is on his disability. This can depend on who he worked for.

Can you draw disability from vertibrae wedging?


If a husband that receives ssi disability and military disability dies what survivors benefits will the wife get?

Don't kill your husband! He's disable and is a veteran. What are you thinking?!

Can you draw disability and Medicaid?

Yes; however, if your disability income exceeds the threshold in your State, you will have a "spend-down."

Does a felony disqualify you to draw your military disability check?

It should.

Can your spouse with bipolar disorder draw disability?

yes, if qualified

What can a wife get after ten years of marriage and the husband is on disability?


Is it illegal to work and draw short term disability pay?