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Can athletes under seventeen participate in the Olympics?


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Yes. In gymnastics, the athlete must be 16 to compete in the Olympics..or turning 16 in that year. Before 1996, however, the minimum age was 15. The reason for this is because the IOC don't want (mostly) young girls to get injured at such a young age and injured during the aging process of younng teens.

They can be in the youth olympic games


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At least 3 countries from the 206 independent countries did not compete at the 2012 Olympics.These included:- Curaçao (*)- Kosovo- South Sudan (*)You can also include the Vatican which does not ever participate in the Olympics.There are also a number of territories that do not have a National Olympic Committee and are not competing.(*) Note that a few athletes competed as individuals under the category "Independent Olympic Athletes" rather than under a particular sponsored country. Two athletes from Curaçao and one athlete from South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan) entered under the "Independent Olympic Athletes" team so the country of Curaçao and South Sudan are not officially participating.

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There are 47 events under athletes

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Not under a Vatican City flag. There are 202 nations/independent territories/ commonwealths/ protectorates and geographical areas that have been issued 3-letter abbreviations (trigram) by the International Olympic Committee. The trigrams are issued to countries with National Olympic Committees (NOCs). NOCs are in place to ensure the nations best athletes attend the Olympics. Vatican City does not have a NOC and so its athletes cannot compete as Vatican City athletes.

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There are over 10,000 athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics. I have not even found a link that lists them in a single location under individual names. See related link

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Four athletes will be competing in the Olympics under the Independent Olympic Athletes "country" with the Olympic flag.One athlete is from South Sudan, two from Curaçao, and fourth from the Netherlands.

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