Can ball pythons be asexual

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Well, every ball python will be either male or female. But, the only way to tell is to have it sexed by a vet or to get a set of sexing probes (unless you are going to have a pro show you how to use these, never sex your snake yourself, you could injure or kill it.) If you are wondering why your snake won't mate though, there are lots of reasons. Breeding snakes in captivity can be hard. You will need to simulate a winter period and then gradually increase the temp and humidity (for both animals in separate habitats.) Once your fake weather has made it to "mating season" (about 2-3 months including winter period) you can introduce the female into the male's tank. If they hit it off great, it may take a few days. Don't feed them while they are together but be sure they have both eaten prior to mating. If they fight separate them and try again in a few months. A local zoo, vet or herpetologist can help you more. You may be able to get some advice from a local university too.

I think they could have meant in a sexual orientation way.

So in that sense, snakes are not able to be asexual. Animals have no sense of sexuality.

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Q: Can ball pythons be asexual
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