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yes its not uncommon for tests to give a false result. tests can give a false negative but never a false positive.a blood test from your doctor will confirm either way. How do you know it's kicking?

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Are you pregnant even you took a pregnancy test and its result was negative?

I think im pregnant because i took the test and they came back negative but the i was checking by sonogram and seened of what it look like a baby moving around in the lower abdomen

What condition could cause you to have pregnancy feelings of life growing inside with no pain just flutters and sensations with other pregnancy signs but negative tests?

I find that happens to me when I am gasy, but really wanting to be pregnant. I found something on google when I put movement in upper abdomen it was called gastro...something it has all signs of pregnancy.

You have two children and had no periods during these pregnancy you now have a small noticeable bump on your abdomen which you fill movement sometime but you have your periods could you be pregnant?

most likely not.

How soon do you feel movement in your abdomen when pregnant?

It depends on whether it's your first pregnancy or not. You feel it later on in your first pregnancy. In your first pregnancy it's around 16 weeks or so and you feel what is called 'fluttering' which can be mistaken for gas.

Why would you feel movement in your abdomen yet have not missed your monthly cycle and the home test was negative?

movement during pregnancy can only be felt during the fifth or sixth month, you probably just have gases in your stomach!

Could you be pregnant if you get headaches and feel thumps in your abdomen but pregnancy test tested negative could you be pregnant you also had a period last month very unusual?

This could be a sign of pregnancy, It would be classed as a very early pregnancy and it would be best to wait until you are next due for your period and if you don't come on and your test is still negative then it is recommended to go to your g.p

Can Clomid cause negative pregnancy tests My stomach is growing and I feel very much movement but all my preg. tests are negative. Can that happen?

If your stomach is growing and you have negative pregnancy tests, you need to see a physician. This could be a result of a benign mass (cyst), an infection, or any other number of things that could be harmful in the long run if ignored. You shouldn't feel movement in your abdomen early during the pregnancy.

Where do you mostly feel fetal movement?

I am four months pregnant with my second child, and I feel fetal movement in my abdomen a little to the left of my navel. Once you are farther along with your pregnancy, you should be able to feel movement pretty much anywhere in your stomach area.

When is Fetal movement in twins?

I am 20 years old and pregnant with twins. This is my first pregnancy and I started to feel some fetal movement at 17w. It wasn't strong or very frequent, but it was definitely there. It felt like butterflies in my lower abdomen. I'm not 22w pregnant, and they kick me all over!

Are low abdomen pain and bloated stomach signs of twin pregnancy?

No, they can just be signs of a normal pregnant

A small butterfly movement in lower abdomen but not pregnant that i am aware of....?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

Can you be pregnant with 12 negative pregnancy tests and no period and no symptoms other than bloating an a few pains that go away in your lower abdomen?

Maybe. After twelve tests you might want to consider talking to a doctor.

Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

I feel movement on lower right abdomen and I am not pregnant What could this be?

Mostly likely gas or just the movement of fecal matter through the colon.

You are 22 weeks pregnant and feel movement in abdomen only is it fine?

No you should feel movement in neck as baby comes up for air.

Pain in your lower abdomen are you pregnant?

yes this could be a sign of pregnancy because that's where conception takes place.

What part of your abdomen will feel hard first during pregnancy?

I'm preGnant and my bottom part of my tummy is hard

When do pregnant ferrets usually start to show in their abdomen?

A female ferret's abdomen will enlarge and she will act pregnant in either a true or false pregnancy. About 3 weeks after mating, a veterinarian will be able to feel fetuses growing within the abdomen. During the sixth and last week of a true pregnancy in ferrets, if you rest your fingers lightly on the side of the abdomen and exercise great patience, you should be able to feel the unborn kits moving inside the mother and you will know for certain that your ferret is pregnant.

Why am I having Sharp abdomen pains and lower back pains There is a possibility I am pregnant but i have taken a test and it says negative. I feel some kind of movement in my lower abdomen. Help?

There are so many causes of abdominal and back pains it is impossible to say. You need to see a doctor. If you have not yet missed a period, that may be why the test is negative.

Is numbness in your upper abdomen normal during pregnancy?

I'm having this too...I'm just about 36 weeks pregnant

Is fluttering in your stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

When I got pregnant, I had a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen that lasted a few seconds. That's how I knew I was pregnant! So the answer is yes!

If you push on your abdomen say 3 weeks into a possible pregnancy can you tell what to look for as a doctor does to see if you are pregnant?

A doctor would not be able to tell you were pregnant by feeling your abdomen until about 3 months, so no, there is no way to tell. You would have to take a test.

Severe Pain in lower left abdomen and Pregnant?

You need to see a doctor very urgently as this could well be an ectoptic pregnancy.

Will there be a prickling pain in the lower abdomen in early pregnancy?

I had a prickling pain in my lower abdomen during the early stages of my pregnancy.

Is tenderness in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

tenderness in the abdomen is not a sign of pregnancy so if that is the situation i suggest you seea doctor. p.s. tenderness in the breasts is a sign of pregnancy.