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Yes the tail fins will eventually grow back but they will most likely not be as good as they were

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Yes most fins including tail and back fins WILL grow back in a month but you may want to make sure your beta dose not have fin rot.

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Q: Can bettas grow back torn tail fins?
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Can clownfish grow back torn tail fins?

yes they can I had one that grew fins back in about three weeks

Do bettas tails break off?

No, but a betta can get fin rot, which can damage the fins and tail.

Does a boy fish have a longer tail or is it the girl?

With bettas, the males have longer fins, even the plakat (short finned) type.

Does a chamelon's tail grow back?

No. A chameleon's tail does not grow back.

What are the names of a dolphins fins?

well the fins on its side are called flippers and the fin on its back is called the dorsal fin and its tail is its tail flukes

How Tail Fins grow back faster?

Giving the fish exactly the correct water parameters for its species and good food will help it to recover as quickly as possible. Fins grow on a fish in a similar way to humans growing finger nails.

What feature helps dolphins live in the sea?

fins and dorsal fins, and back tail flipper thingy

Can an alligator grow a new tail if the old tail is removed?

no the tail will not grow back

What do the tail fins on a zeppelin do?

The tail fins help to steer it.

Can a lizard grow its tail back?

a lizard can not grow its tail back because it is not like a starfish

When a green iguanas tail falls off does it grow back?

Yes, the tail does grow back.

Will my birds tail grow back?

Yes your bird's tail feathers will grow back. They will begin to grow back when your bird begins molting.

Are there male crowntail bettas how can you tell if it is a male or female?

Male crowntail bettas have the large finns commonly associated with the betta fish with a small difference in the edges of the tail. Females have very very short fins with the crowntail edges

Can a crested geckos tail grow back?

No they never grow there tail back once it falls off.

Can a fish tail grow back from the base of the tail?


Do pheasant tail feathers grow back?

yes they do grow back

Can rats tail grow back to size?

Their tails do not grow back.

If the male betta injured the female is there anything you can do to help her recover?

Yes there is you put a the female in a smaller Tank and put a product deisignd for bettas to protect fins and scales and cleans and helps heal wounds. This can Be purchased at your local pet shop for aproxomitly $4.99keep it away from the male for a little bit to wait for the female to grow her tail or fins backIf the male betta injured the female then separate them quickily as possible put her back in when you really think she is ready.

Does a gecko grow back its tail?

Yes. A gecko will grow back a tail. It won't be as long or strong, but it will grow back.There are many reasons why a gecko's tail may fall off. It may fall off when in a fight with another animal, or the tail can also fall off if the gecko is stressed out. Unfortunately, if the tail does fall it will not grow back .

Will a fish die without its tail?

Techically no, but it depends on how it lost the tail. The fins and tails are fully regeritive tissue and should grow back virtually scarless, unless the damage is all the way to the base of the tail. There wouldn't be anything for the tail to regrow from. The damage would be permanent...

Will betta fish grow their tail fins if broken off?

Their fins will grow back into their first luscious state after a period of 8 months. It may take longer if they are not kept in good condition (clean tank water ((change every other day)), peace, and good food).

Does a squirrel tail grow back?

No, the tail will not grow back. Mammals don't have the biological skill to do so, like lizards.

If a guppy gets its tail cut off will the tail grow back?

yes it will grow back so don't worry

Does a goldfishes tail grow back?

Yes. Given good living conditions and proper food the tail will grow back.

Can bearded dragons grow their tail back?

no but if the beardie is not done growing the tail will grow with the rest of the body but the part that was lost will never grow back