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Can black algae grow in the bottom of a salt water pool?

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yes i have this problem, 3 years ago i treated it successfully with a copper based product. it has now returned with a vengeance and nothing has stopped the spread. i am thinking of adding copper sulphate directly to the pool, has anyone tried this? does it work? can it damage the equipment?

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Are algae plants growing at the bottom of the ocean?

No, algae plants are not at the bottom of the ocean as there is no sunlight there. They just grow to a range of 20 to 30 feet in the water.

Where in water biomes can photosynthesis occur?

If in shallow water, the plants that grow on the bottom, but if on deep water, on floating algae.

What makes water green?

Usually, algae (AL jee) -- tiny plants. Algae can grow on surface of the water or on rocks and other stuff on the bottom. Sometimes it's not the water that's green, but the lake bottom or stream bottom. In shallow areas, sunlight reflects off the algae growing on the bottom and makes the water look green. High concentrations of copper can also make water look green.

Does algae grow in hot water?

Yes, algae can grow in water up to 54 degrees Celsius, when water is heated to 55 degrees Celsius and above, bacteria and algae cannot grow and thrive.

Does algae need water in order to grow?

Yes; most algae even live in water (such as pond algae).

What causes algae to grow?

Algae is caused by the change of nutrients in the water.

What does algae need to grow?

Algae needs water, light, and minerals like phosphate and nitrate to grow.

What type of plants grow on water?

Plankton, algae, and aquatic plants grow on water.

Can Algae grow in salt water?


Can algae only grow in fresh water?

No, it can grow in saltwater too.

Can mold grow on regular drinking water.?

no but algae can form after a while yes algae would grow and it is a type of mold/fungi!!

What is the first sign of green and black algae?

Black algae shows itself as small black spots on the pools floor walls and fittings untreated they grow. Green Algae often starts as a greenish tinge on the walls or other surfaces of the pool and spreads into the water making it turn green if left untreated.

How long does it take algae to grow in regular water?

Ordinary ground water? A few days can see the algae form.

Does algae grow faster in lakes or in a fish tank with tap water?

algae tends to grow faster in clean water. so it depends if the aquarium is clean or the lake.depends on what lake.

Where does algae live?

There are lots of types of algae. but algae live, grow and multiply in water. but where you ask? in a fish tank, pond, or the ocean.

Does algae grow better in fresh or salt water?


What cause algae blooms?

Algae blooms are mainly cause by pollution in water. For example, fertilizer that pollutes the water like in streams or rivers...etc.There is always some algae on water, When nutrient in the water is available for algae to grow it will simply grow until it runs out of nutrient. These nutrients have often been introduced as a result of farming and drainage practices.

Is algae biotic or abiotic?

Algae is biotic because it is a plant and plants need water/sunlight to grow. Save

What enables algae and plants to grow in the littoral zone?

It's close enough to the shore, or land, that the sunlight reaches the bottom. So, plants and algae can grow because of the sunlight they receive. :) I hope I helped!

How does algae grow?

Algae is grown by ammonia in the water that is turned into nitrite/nitrate is food for algae to grow. It also needs a little light. To get rid of it you can put fast growing live plants in your aquarium to reduce the nitrite/nitrate in the water that algae feeds on. See Related links below

Why is algae no longer classed as a plant?

because algae now is a fungus that grow on TOP of polluted water and does not have any stalks

Why does algae grow?

Algae are distributed by spores into fresh or marine water. Cell division of the spores creates an organism. Algae feed through photosynthesis. They are a plant.

Can algae grow in the desert?

If there is moisture available algae can grow in the desert.

Would a black pool cover keep algae from growing?

Yes. It will also heat the pool quickly. A thermometer may be needed to let you know when to remove the cover and cool the water-- otherwise the warm water will grow algae quickly when the cover is left off.

Is Green Algae PlantLike or AminalLike?

It would be more plantlike because of the water it grow in. It would be more plantlike because of the water it grow in.