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Could it happen? Sure, any time the skin's integrity is breached, there is a possibility of infection, and with an infection, if not treated properly, there is a chance of death.

Is it likely? Not really, Get the piercing done by a pro using a sterile needle and jewelry, and your odds of avoiding trouble are even better. Having it done by a friend with a safety pin or sewing needle makes your odds much worse. but as long as you keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as the irritated area around the piercing growing instead of shrinking in the time after getting it done it should be fine. If the area does get bigger and you start passing huge gobs of pus, try neosporin or something similar first. If it seems to help in the first 24 hours, go with it until at least a week after there are no further signs of infection. If it is NOT noticeably working in the 24 hours, especially if it still gets worse, get thee to an emergency room. You may have a drug resistant strain of whatever bacteria is bugging you. If it is spreading fast, do NOT feel obligated to wait the 24 hours.

To end up dead from a piercing, you would have to be either extremely unlucky or extremely stupid, perhaps both.

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Where to get belly button rings for sims 2?

on 'The Sims 2' you can not have body piercings, you can have facial piercings but not body piercings

Doe nick Jonas have any body piercings?

no nick has no body piercings

Arguments agaisnst piercings your body?

You are under age.You have poor personal hygiene.You are not intelligent enough to look after piercings.You are happy without piercings.You are too scared to get piercings.You don't have the cash to afford professional body piercings.You have a job that won't allow visible piercings.You don't like body piercings.You don't understand body piercing nor do you want to understand them.You are happy with where you are at, and piercings won't make you happier.

What body piercings does Cher Lloyd have?

It is believed that Cher Lloyd does not have any body piercings.

Whats The meanings of body piercings?

Body Piercings do not "mean" any one thing, they are simply piercings. Adorning the body with piercings is as unique as the person wearing them. There is no deeper meaning to any one specific piercing.

Can you use an AED if the person has body piercings?

Yes you can use an AED on a casualty who has body piercings, the discharge goes across the chest to start the heart and has effect on body piercings.

How can body piercings help your child be responsibly?

They will have to take care of the piercings as they will have to keep the piercings clean and free of infection.

Is there a home remedy to heal lip piercings?

A home remedy to heal lip piercings is to flush them with mouth wash or tea tree oil. This will help to kill any bacteria so that the body can heal on its own.

What is sexual about body piercings?

Tongue and genital piercings can benefit sex whilst some piercings are considered sexy and erotic.

Is it allowed to have body piercings in the military?

No you are not allowed to have body piercings according to most military regulations. It obstructs the wear of the uniform.

What are the advantages of body piercings?


Do any Claire's shop in Savannah G.A. do body piercings?

No claires boutique do body piercings only ear and cartalage

How old do you have to be to get body piercings in mn?


What was clarence thomas hobbies?

Body Piercings

Do you have the article of body piercings from 1999?

Which article?

How old do you have to be to get body piercings?

16 with an adult.

What are all the piercings called?

Body modification

Where to go for industrial cartilage piercings?

Any body piercing studio will be able to do your cartilage piercings, check them out under body piercing in the phone book.

What does the Bible say about body piercings?

The Bible says that it is not right to cut into the body, meaning that piercings are not okay for people following the Old Testament rules.

At what age do body piercings start to look trashy?

This answer is a personal opinion no matter whom you were to ask. The best of what is out there is its all in the mind of the person with the body piercings.

What is the meaning behind body piercings?

People who get piercings typically get them because they like the look of them. Although some piercings (like genital piercings) may also serve a purpose. But in general, body modification is done just because people like the way it changes their appearances.

What is the greatest number of piercings anyone has ever had?

In 2000, Elaine Davidson received a Guinness World Record for having 462 body piercings with almost half in her face. Now, she has more than 6,000 body piercings.

Who started the origin of body piercings?

Well it's not a specific "who" or "where". Body piercings and it's origins come from many various countries and many various time frames, in some cases piercings can be thousands of years old. Tracing back to various cultures. So to put a specific who or where on the origins of body piercings would be a guess at best.

How many piercing can you have on your whole body?

Theres so many places to get piercings that there really isn't a definite answer. Also depends on if you mean permanent piercings or play piercings.

What year did body piercing start?

body piercings started in the year of 1787