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Can body piercings kill you?


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August 25, 2008 6:07PM

Could it happen? Sure, any time the skin's integrity is breached, there is a possibility of infection, and with an infection, if not treated properly, there is a chance of death.

Is it likely? Not really, Get the piercing done by a pro using a sterile needle and jewelry, and your odds of avoiding trouble are even better. Having it done by a friend with a safety pin or sewing needle makes your odds much worse. but as long as you keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as the irritated area around the piercing growing instead of shrinking in the time after getting it done it should be fine. If the area does get bigger and you start passing huge gobs of pus, try neosporin or something similar first. If it seems to help in the first 24 hours, go with it until at least a week after there are no further signs of infection. If it is NOT noticeably working in the 24 hours, especially if it still gets worse, get thee to an emergency room. You may have a drug resistant strain of whatever bacteria is bugging you. If it is spreading fast, do NOT feel obligated to wait the 24 hours.

To end up dead from a piercing, you would have to be either extremely unlucky or extremely stupid, perhaps both.