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No, feeding your dog small amounts (less than 10% of their diet) of broccoli won't kill your dog. Vegetables can be quite healthy for dogs.

However, if you drop a large enough amount of brocolli on top of your dog, it could injur or kill your dog, so this use of brocolli isn't recommended.

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How can broccoli kill you?

Broccoli can kill you if you are allergic to it. Not everyone can eat broccoli and animals should not eat broccoli either.

Can dogs kill Mouses?

The answer is yes, dogs can kill Mouses, but dogs can also kill rats.

What dogs kill snakes?

no dogs can kill a snake

Why do female dogs kill other dogs?

Its not just female dogs....... they kill the dogs cuz they are protecting their puppies!

Is broccoli good for your dogs?

To answer your question, 'Is broccoli good for your dogs?' The answer is there has been confusion towards this answer and question. Yes it is very good for your dogs but if the intake goes over more than 10% in the dogs diet that is when problems will start. The toxic substance is isothiocyanate can cause gastrointestinal irritation. I hope this answers your question!!

How many dogs would it take to kill a bear?

It will take 20 small dogs to kill a bear, and 5 large dogs to kill a bear.

Can a pack of wild dogs kill a lion?

Yes. Hyenas and dogs will frequently drive a lion from its kill. The lion can run away, but if he tries to stay and fight, the lion will kill the dogs in front - and the dogs behind him will kill the lion.

What animals kill little dogs?

Depends where you are from but coyotes will kill small dogs as will bobcats

CAN weasels kill dogs?


Can you feed your dog broccoli?

You most certainly can feed your dog broccoli as part of his diet if you wish. Dogs are not meant to be vegetarian but most will be happy to eat vegetables in combination with their usual meals. Some dogs may be fussier than others but a dog such as a Labrador will definitely eat broccoli, they just love food.

Can chocolate kill them?

Chocolate can kill dogs.

Do dogs kill ducks?

Yes they will kill ducks. Most dogs are hunting dogs and all of their instincts say 'chase' 'kill!' 'destroy'. So yes most likely they will kill the ducks. Sorry!

Why do dogs kill?

um ok you having wacko things on your mind. Dogs do not kill only bite when they snap. Dogs are like guards and they kill intruders depends on what breed it is

Does frontline kill lice on dogs?

Dogs can not get lice.

Do tigers attack dogs?

They will sometimes kill dogs.

Is broccli toxic for dogs?

Broccoli is very gas forming and not good for dogs to eat along with cabbage, cauliflower, onions, chocolate and sugar.

Do dogs kill hamsters?

Most dogs would go after a hamster a try to play with it or kill it, but some dogs like mine are friendly to them.

Do cats kill more people than dogs?

no even tigers kill less people then dogs

Can vitamin e kill dogs?

yes it can kill dogs as it is not desgined for animilas thanks for listening sammathax

How many dogs and cats are kill each day?

The dogs and cats are kill each day are become of the hundreds. I feel for the dogs die in the lake!!!

Can dogs take nsaids?

No, human drugs can kill dogs.

Can you give dogs human painkillers?

No - they are toxic to dogs and can kill them.

Can scorpions kill dogs?

no. dogs are the boss no messin around

What does chocoalte do to a dogs health?

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. It can kill them

Have goats been known to kill dogs?

Goats don't kill dogs. There are incidents where pitbulls have killed goats.

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