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Can bumble bees sting you?

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Yes, but only the females have stings. They are quite docile, though, and are not so aggressive as other bees and some wasps.

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What can bumble bees sting you?

Bumble bees can sting, but they really have to be provoked before they do.

Can early bumble bees sting?

Bumble bees can sting, but they really need to be provoked before they will.

Do bumble bees bite or sting?

they sting :-)

Do bees bumble bite or sting?


Are bumble bees poisinous?

No, but they can sting.

Can a whitehead bee sting?

Whitehead bumble bees do not sting.

Which bees give a sting?

Honey bees and bumble bees both sting. However, they only sting if they feel you are threatening them or their hive.

Do female bumble bees die after they sting?


Do bumblebees sting?

bumble bees do sting it hurts so bad!

Do bumble bee sting or bite?

Bumble bees have stings, and will use them if provoked.

What is the difference between bumble bees and boring bees?

bumble bees= honey bees and the ones that pollinate things boring bees= the ones that sting you and then die

Do Bumble bee robber flies bite humans and is reaction similar to bee sting reactions?

Bumble bees are bees. If they sting, it is a bee sting. Robber flies can bite humans. It is not similar to a bee sting.

Do male bumble bees sting?

no. Only females.

How is a bumble bee diffrent from a honey bee?

Yes, bumble bees are generally larger and are kind of fuzzy. Bumble bees do not lose their sting and die if they use it, as a honey bee will. (add) This is because bumble bees' stingers lack barbs, as honey bees do. This allows the bumble bees to sting repeatedly. The female bumble bee tends to be more aggresive than males(end).Honey Bees tend to be more aggresive

What types of bees sting you?

bumble bees and black bees and some times hornets and wasps.

Do bumblebees sting or bite?

Bumble bees sting, they do not bite. the last time i was saw a bumble bee it bit me so they do bite

What bees can sting?

Wasps,hornets, honey-bees, bumble bees, killer bees.Only the females (queen and workers) can sting, the males (drones) can't.

Has a bumble bee ever stung a person?

Yes, bumble bees will sting, but they have to be provoked into doing it.

Do bumble bees leave their stingers?

yeah when they sting you they leave it in you

Why do bumble bees sting?

the real answer is yes! bumble bees do sting people. i guess the one that don't sting are the sting-less bees. improved answer by chewy89422: most of the time they sting you is because they think your a threat.or if you spray water at them and they sting you is because they are mad and want you to stop spraying them.or they well sting you if your next to a flower that thee trying to get pollin from.

When bumble bees sting do they die?

No, they don't. Unlike bumble bees, honey bees die soon after they sting because their stingers have barbs that make it impossible for the bee to remove it, and instead the venom sack pulls free of the body, mortally wounding the bee. Bumble bees do not have barbs on their stinger, making it possible for the bee to remove it's stinger, and sting repeatedly.

Do bumble bees bite?

No, They sting with their stinger. I don't believe their stinger comes out after, so are able to sting multiple times. Edit: Unlike honey bees, which lose their stinger after one stinging because it is barbed, bumble bees do not lose their stinger, and can sting multiple times.

Can bumble bees bite?

no they do not bite but if you are being very annoying they will sting you

Do Large bumble bees sting?

They can do, but will only do so if really provoked.

Do bumble bees sting other bees?

In general, no. But there is a species of Bumble Bee called the Cuckoo Bumble Bee (Bombus vestalis) that is parasitic on existing nests, and will kill by stinging, the original queen.

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