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yes if your pays for your car. Even if they don't pay for your car. My agent warned me that my homeowners premiums could be raised just for filing claims! They used to send an adjustor out automatically if there was a hailstorm or windstorm, but not any more. I just wanted an ajustor to estimate the damage last spring and let me know if it would exceed my deductible.

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Q: Can carriers raise your premiums for a serious accident where your car is totaled and the insurance company pays for your car but the insurance investigator ruled that the accident was not your fault?
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How do insurance carriers calculate the premiums they charge?

Insurance carriers use credit history reports, and your credit score to calculate the premiums they charge. This type of insurance scoring is a standard practice among the nation's largest insurers.

Does a motor accident claim drive up one's insurance premiums?

A motor accident claim will make one's insurance premiums go up. Most insurance companies will do this at the time of renewal though.

Do fixed car insurance premiums ever increase?

If you were involved in an accident that was your fault, regardless of the terms of your insurance, your premiums will go up. You insurance agent can give you more details.

How long does an insurance company bill you for an accident on your insurance policy?

Generally your premiums are increased for 5-7 years.

Can anybody dirve my vehicle without being on my insurance policy?

Yes, if they have insurance and get into an accident, then their insurance will cover them. If they do not have insurance, then your insurance will cover them but your premiums may go up.

How much does insurance premiums rise after an accident involving a 16 year old driver?

About 300 dollars depending on how severe the accident was.

Does the car that you are driving regularly need to be insured in your name?

Not necessarily. Insurance carriers require that you list the primary driver of the vehicle for rating purposes. If you deliberately omit a high risk driver in order to save on premiums they may decline coverage if there is an accident.

How big is the accident and health insurance industry?

More than 1,000 companies provided accident and health insurance in the United States in the early 2000s, writing roughly $96 billion in premiums.

Can employer cancel your health insurance if you got behind on your premiums while you were on FMLA?

Unless you have some chronic disease , accident or sudden emergency you cannot file for health insurance benefits. You can get it done, and will have to submit all the premiums.

How do you get auto insurance for accident prone drivers?

You get auto insurance for accident prone drivers the same way as normal drivers. You will need to provide relevant car details and your driving history information and then receive insurance policy quotes. Insurance premiums for accident prone drivers are generally much higher.

If you received a ticket for careless driving but the officer said the accident was unreportable will your insurance premiums increase?

When the insurance company finds out about it, possibly. I imagine that it depends on your insurance company, but I'd say yes.

Can you get auto insurance after a major accident?

Yes you can but you may be surcharged and your premiums increased depending on your prior driving record and the kind of coverage you had.