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Q: Can cathodes and anodes be displaced by magnets?
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Why is the direction of diodes in alternator diode trio is opposite to the direction of diodes in the rectifier bridge?

A three phase alternator will have six diodes in the rectifier bridge, three with their anodes connected to the phases, and cathodes commoned to the positive terminal, and three with the cathodes connected to the phases, and anodes commoned to the negative terminal, which is likely the housing of the alternator. The trio diodes arrangement will match the positive rectifiers, i.e. anodes to the phase connections, cathodes (denoted usually by a stripe around the body on small diodes), connected to the D+ terminal

When do the anodes and cathodes affect the voltage of a battery?

The anodes and cathodes affect the voltage of the battery all the time. Without them, the battery would not work. The anode provides the positive charge or current. The cathode provides the negative charge or electrons. Part of the anode is down in the battery and part serves as a terminal. Part of the cathode is down in the battery and part serves a a terminal.

How would you explain electrolytic refining?

The process of purifying metal ingots which are suspended as anodes in an electrolytic bath, alternated with refined sheets of the same metal, which act as cathodes.

What is the definition of rusting?

Electrochemical corrosion of iron or steel,caused by the flow of electric current between different parts of the metal serving as anodes and cathodes of a cell. Rusting requires water and oxygen to occur, and is accelerated in the presence of acids and other electrolytes.

What is the scientific word for positive and negative charges?

positive and negative charges.... there is no other term... unless you want to get technical and describe what is happening in the metals Protons are positive Electrons are negative BTW neutrons are neutral OR You could also be talking about what ^ is talking about those >I think< are called cathodes and anodes

Circuit diagram of half-wave rectifier?

It consists of four diode or rectifiers units with all cathodes (or arrows- schematically) pointing to the positive end DC ouput. All anodes point to the negative DC end and the AC voltage is applied to the remaining two junctions of diodes where cathodes meet anodes.

How the three phase rectification is achieved?

You achieve three phase rectification with a three phase rectifier. There is one in the alternator of you car. You have three windings, connected delta, so there are three terminals. Three diodes are connected to these terminals, anodes towards the terminals, cathodes common and connected to the battery. Three more diodes (for a total of six) are connected to the terminals, cathodes towards the terminals, with the anodes common and connected to ground. At any one moment of time, one winding provides voltage to cause two diodes to conduct, charging the battery. As the alternator rotates, the windings and the diodes take turns, effectively providing a three phase AC to DC power source to the battery. If you look closely, there is another set of three, smaller, diodes connected as well, anodes towards the terminals. These diodes provide power for the integrated regulator, but the six main diodes are large and heatsinked into the frame of the alternator.

Osaned can spell what word?


What chemicals are used in electrowinning?

It depends on why you are using electrowinning. The "chemicals" are called the electrolyte. It can range from pure chemicals and solutions to industrial waste water. For example, printed circuit board fabricators use it to remove metallic ions from concentrated rinse water, spent process solutions, and ion exchange regenerant. An electrowinning unit consists of a rectifier and a reaction chamber that houses anodes and cathodes. In the simplest design, a set of cathodes and anodes are set in the reaction chamber containing the electrolyte. When the unit is energized, metal ions are reduced onto the cathode. The rate at which metal can be recovered (i.e., plated onto the cathode) from solutions depends on several factors, including the concentration of metal in the electrolyte, the size of the unit in terms of current and cathode area, and the type(s) of metal being recovered.

What is the use of zinc anodes in pier jetty columns?

Zinc anodes offer a sacrificial method of maintaining the steelwork of the pier.. The anodes 'attract' corrosion thereby extending the life and protecting the steel work. (same as on ships hulls etc)

Why are carbon anodes replaced regularly?

I doubt this is useful since this was posted 4 years ago, but carbon anodes have to be replaced in commercial use because they react with the oxygen that is reacts with (or so i think), and therefore the co2 that comes from the carbon and metal oxide in the displacement reaction makes the carbon anodes turn into co2 and therefore these anodes need to be replaced

How do Impressed Current anodes work?

i dont know use rectifier just invert ac to dc and supplied to anodes positive to steel negative