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Cats can eat Spiders, this will not hurt the cat (but will definitely hurt the spider). Most cats would rather eat their cat food, but there is a certain excitement in catching your own prey, even if it is just a spider.


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Spiders are carnivorous, they eat insects

well cats can eat anything bugs but spiders well my cat ate one numbers of time so it shouldn't hurt but if your not sure ask your local vet.

other spiders and insects

Jumping spiders eat anything smaller than them. Just hope the ants don't move to allow the spider to judge its jump and kill it.

No. Honey would be too sticky for a jumping spider to contact it and not get in deep trouble. Jumping spiders and some other spiders will drink nectar from flowers, but that is much less highly concentrated and not so sticky.

Mainly other smaller spiders, flying insects, bugs, and even a small meal worm

Yes they can,It will not hurt them.

Most cats are curious and will pick or eat at anything that interests them. Spiders and other little bugs are also easy prey for cats so they get in the habit of easily catching and eating them, it probably even taste good to them..

no because spider can kill the cat

Yes most spiders eat maggots but some spider are to small or to big i will name the following spiders: Jumping spiders, Brown Recluse spider, Cellar spiders A.k.a daddy long legs, Wolf spiders, White-tail spiders, Garden spider, Huntsman spider and Black Widow spiders

Well...they eat insects, they have 8 legs, and they hurt when they bite.

Cats, birds, spiders and more

Well my cat likes to eat them, so cats would be on that list. I think birds eat them as well, and spiders kill them

No. Wolf spiders run away from brown recluses as soon as they can detect one. A common jumping spider will attack and kill brown recluses.

cats and other animals that eat smaller animals like mice, spiders, frogs, ect.

I would assume cats would eat them. They aren't eaten by widows, they eat widows.

Cats, for one thing. Cats don't actually eat birds or intentionality hurt them. They want to play with them but the cats don't realise that they can easily hurt the birds.

They seem to live alone, although male jumping spiders will try to attract the attention of females in order to mate; this may include doing a mating dance-- jumping and bobbing and making a noise that sounds like a vibration. But for the most part, even when there are other jumping spiders in the vicinity, they keep to themselves. Jumping spiders have their own webs, live where they think they can find prey, and may even attack (or eat) a fellow jumping spider if that spider is getting in the way.

Spiders usually catch moths and small flies in their webs. But there are Jumping Spiders (in my house) and these guys catch and eat other spiders. So we don't have many spiders. There are also trap door spiders who live in the ground and have their tunnel concealed by a trap door, from which they leap out to catch prey.

Many female spiders eat their counterparts following sexual activity and before eggs are laid to prevent the male from eating his offspring. Other spiders that consume large insects will eat other appropriately sized spiders. Specifically there are species that exclusively consume other spiders as their regular diet such as the Portia jumping spider, which is perhaps the smartest spider.

It eats flies, other spiders, crickets, bees, flies, wasps, moth, and other arthropods.

No because diatomaceous earth does not hurt spiders when they eat it, it cuts up their bodies, that is what will kill them or drive them away.

There are plenty of animals that eat Geckos - including... birds of prey, snakes, big cats, even spiders !

I don't know why, but cats seem to LOVE ear wax. It will not hurt them.

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