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Can children get heart attacks?

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Why do children get heart attacks?

children get heart attack because of to much candy, chips and other sweets

Can children have heart attacks?

yes.children's heart attack may be genetic or congenital.

How do children get heart attacks?

Children can get a heart attack by eating to much candy, chips and drinking too many sodas.

Can children and teens get heart attacks?

its not rare but yes anyone can have a heart attack any age

Do squirrels have heart attacks?

Yes, Squirrels can have heart attacks.

Do bunny's have heart attacks?

yes bunnies can have heart attacks

Is possible for turkeys to have heart attacks?

Yes. Turkeys can have heart attacks.

What is the most heart attacks in the day?

heart attacks commonly does not appear to people if they are healthy.people get heart attacks if they are in weakness state,hunger or thirst.

What plays a role in heart attacks?

Diet plays a role in heart attacks.

Do kids have heart attacks?

It is unusual and tragic, but yes, it can happen. Severely obese children are more likely to suffer heart attacks, although a few high school and college athletes have had them. And in about half of all cases, the first symptom of a heart attack is "death".

Who attacks the children in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Bob Ewell attacks the children.

Can you get a heart attack from getting scared?

yes you can and here is a fun fact: kids can get heart attacks too but being scared and dieing is rare for children

Can anxiety attacks cause a heart attack?

Anxiety attacks does not cause heart attacks in normal heart. The anxiety may cause heart attack in previously compromised heart. You can have heart attack, if you are a patient of severe angina pectoris.

Why do drugs cause heart attacks?

Drugs cause heart attacks do to the stress on everything

What are anxiety attacks often mistaken as?

Anxiety or panic attacks can be mistaken for heart attacks (although it is actually rare for anxiety attacks to cause heart attacks, especially in young people).

Can ducks have heart attacks?

Yes, ducks can have heart attacks. If a duck is chased its heart rate will increase severely and cause a heart attack.

Anxiety attacks are often mistaken by what?

Heart attacks.

What else are heart attacks called?

Heart attacks also are called myocardial infarctions (MIs).

Do drugs cause heart attacks?

yes, all drugs can potentially lead to heart attacks

Where do most heart attacks occur?

In your heart

What is the fear of heart attacks called?

Cardiophobia is the fear of heart disease... I'm assuming that "heart attacks" fall under this category.

Can an ECG determine past heart attacks?

An ECG can determine past heart attacks. It can also detect if a heart attack is imminent.

Do babies have heart attacks and strokes?

Yes, babies can have heart attacks and strokes. A baby can have a hemorrhagic stroke, which is caused by bleeding into the brain. Strokes and heart attacks do not discriminate against age.

Name a bird that can have heart attacks?

What does this have to do with health?I mean, the only thing that relates is... heart attacks. LOL

Does high blood pressure cause heart attacks?

High blood pressure can cause heart attacks in males and females of all ages. There is well documented cases of children who have been in need of transplants having died of high blood pressure in many medical journals. There are a high amount of people in every country who have heart attacks due to high blood pressure.