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Yes, convicted felons can vote in the State of New York if they are no longer in jail and no longer on parole. In other words, if you committed a felony, came out of jail, and you are no longer on parole, you can vote. Thing is, the ex-offender must re-register to vote. Plus, because this not common knowledge in New York, most convicted felons believe that they have lost the right to vote forever. Disenfranchising American felons is allowed in some states, but not New York State.

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Can a convicted felon vote in long island new york?

i want to register to vote can i as an convicted felon in new york

Are there programs to help convicted felons find a job in new york city?

Yes there is a programs to helpconvicted felons find jobs.

In what countries are convicted felons not allowed?

There are five countries that do not allow convicted felons. These countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

You were convicted of a drug felony in 1997 in New York you live in Nevada now and are able to vote does that mean all your civil liberties are in place including second amendment rights?

Voting rights for felons can vary from state-to-state. Just because you may be allowed to vote in NV does not in any way affect or alter any other restrictions you have upon you due to your status. Federal law (USC, Title 18) prohibits convicted felons from EVER owning or possessing firearms or ammuntion of any type.

Can a convicted felon travel to New Zealand and Australia?

Convicted felons from other nations may travel to Australia and New Zealand only if they have political connections.

What are the countries that convicted felons are banned from?

Canada, The u.k, Australia, new Zealand and the United States

If someone was convicted of crime of any charge would they still have the right to bear arms in the state of New York?

CONVICTED FELONS are forever forbidden from owning or possessing firearms or ammunition of any type by both state and federal law.

Is there a new law for convicted felons rights to work?

It has always been mandatory for a convicted felon to work to show/display that they are not involved in criminal activities.

In What town was Seinfeld convicted?

What do you mean by convicted? The show took place in New York.

Can a convicted felon vote in Florida?

In the state of Florida a convicted felon had the right to vote when they passed laws allowing it in 2007. In 2011, the new Governor of the state over turned the law so now a convicted felon can not vote in the state of Florida.

Can a convicted felon manage an aprtment complex?

If the felon is on parole as long as it is not i violation of the set terms and agreements of his/her parole the felon can carry on in such a capacity or an other endever TALLAHASSEE - Civil rights for thousands of Florida felons, including the right to vote, will be restored without any effort on their part under a new rule approved Thursday by Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet. Attorney General Bill McCollum cast the lone dissenting vote of the four-member group, which acted as the Board of Executive Clemency in taking up the rule at Crist's urging and making the historic change. Under the new rule, felons convicted of nonviolent crimes who have fulfilled their sentences will be allowed to vote, hold public office, apply for occupational licenses and sit on juries without applying for clemency, a cumbersome process that can take years. The new rule also will expedite the process for felons convicted of some violent crimes.

Can you vote in New York if you have 2 felony convictions from 10 years ago?

If the individual is not in prison or on parole he/she can vote in New York.

Can a convicted felon own property in new york?

Yes, a convicted felon is not precluded from owning property.

If you are registered independent in New York State can you vote in the primary?

If you are registered Independent in the state of New York you cannot vote in the primary. New York state is one of thirteen states who have a closed primary election thus not allowing Independents to vote.

Which states were the last to give women the vote in new york?

New York is a state. There are no states in it. So, the answer to your question is: New York.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a muzzle loader in New Mexico?

Black powder arms are classified as "firearms" under USC Title 18, and their possession by convicted felons is prohibited under federal law.

Can a convicted felon own a firearm for hunting in New York?

No. A convicted felon may not purchase, possess, or be granted access to firearms. Period. Not just in New York, either - that's a federal law.

Can a convicted felon serve on a board in the state of New York?

convicted felons have essentially the same rights as those who have no conviction record with the exception to voting in some states, and possession of "firearms." The one right that is never discussed to which former felons have no right is protection from discrimination. So, while there is no specific law prohibiting a felon from serving on a board (provided that board is not over a healthcare facility or a school), the organization, business, minicipality, state or federal government can prohibit any felon from serving for no other purpose than that person was previously convicted. While felons have essentially the same rights as other citizens, they do not have the same protections.

Canwe get your gun rights back in New Mexico?

Not if you are a convicted felon. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning or possessing firearms ANYWHERE in the US or its possessions. It is a federal offense and state laws do not enter into it.

Can convicted felons get a cpa in new jersey?

Yes - It is up to the NJ CPA Board to determine whether the conviction affects the ability to become a CPA

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