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No, after 9th week it has to be done by surgery.

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Q: Can cytotec abort 3month old fetus?
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How can you abort 3 months fetus?

There are a few states that will abort a 3 month old fetus. You will need to call your local abortion clinic for locations.

What should be the weight and height of a 3month's and 15 day's old baby?

5.5kg, 61cm

How can you get your 3month old into a soap like eastenders?

The show has to looking for a part to played by a baby.

Can a half of teaspoon of childrens Claritin be given to a 3month old baby?

Usually it's 1/4 tsp

Can humphery11 be used to kill a 6 weeks old fetus?

Nope. it has never been tested on pregnant women but that does nto mean it will make you abort. it could for an example damage the baby. We do know it is not recommended to childrenh below the age of 14.

Who is Emily Bethany Ford?

Emily Bethany ford is a nanny who was sent to prison for 2 years for shaking a 3month old baby.

Danger to 14 year old getting pregnant?

cause she WILL abort

Does a 3months old baby is still a fetus?

A 3 month old embryo is a fetus in the womb but after 3 months of birth it is a baby.

What are the physical functions of a 5 week old fetus?

A five week old fetus usually has the tail. Other features are still invisible.

When is a fetus a person?

at 18 years old.

How old are you when you become a fetus?

10 weeks

How old is the fetus if it is 270mm?

29 weeks